Planejammer: Ad Astra Per Arcana

Bittersweet Reunion

Annika sat down at the table Kargat was eating his lunch at. “Hey kid.” She said. “Long time no see.”

Kargat cocked his head to the side for a moment then his eyes widened as he seemed to suddenly recognize her. “Aunt Annika! I thought you died. Are you a ghost too?”

Annika laughed and leaned back in her chair. “No, not a ghost. Just enjoying the company of one. How have you been?”

“I’ve been good.” Kargat said as he began shaping his mashed potatoes into a smooth box-like form. “Cousin Katya doesn’t light me on fire anymore, so I would say that is an upside.”

“I remember she used to do that to you as a child. But you lit her on fire a few times as well if I recall correctly. So,” Annika paused and took a deep breath. “Is it true what she said about Magda? Was she really assassinated?”

Kargat nodded. Annika hung her head for a moment. “Goodbye, my friend.” She whispered to the air.

“Mourn her later sister.” Annika looked up to see her brother D’Mitri standing behind Kargat. “There is much to do, and her death shall be avenged. All our deaths shall be avenged.” Annika smiled and Kargat returned it, falsely believing she was smiling at him.


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