Planejammer: Ad Astra Per Arcana

Dramatis Personae - Constance

Time Haunted Oracle of Wildspace

Constance Human (Maztican) Female

A slender waif, dark of hair and skin but with brilliant sapphire blue eyes, she can be exceptionally charming when she is of a mind to be.

Found in a box along with a delivery of exotic alcohols in The Edge on the The Rock of Bral Adopted by one of the regular patrons, Artos Starhammer, she spent the next years as cabin “boy” on a variety of ships including hammerships, tradesman, and wasps.

Starhammer was not just a spacehand though, he was a member of The Seekers. When her powers began to surface he gave her a gift – a unique wayfinder – something found in the box with her. He explained that these are only carried by Seekers, and it might provide a clue about her parentage. He tried unsuccessfully to find info about them since finding her, but hoped you might have more luck.

Raised aboard ship she is a natural spelljammer and had seen at least four different spheres by the time she was 12. Even so she made a point of visiting Bral and going to The Edge at lest once a year. The bar staff there are the closest thing to family she knows.

During her travels she met some travelers from Toril who identified her as looking Maztican. Intrigued and enthusiastic she sought out a teacher and learned their language. The only flaw with the theory, as she discovered, is that Mazticans don’t have blue eyes.

At age 14 the mysteries of time began to make themselves known to her, and the hauntings began. While the hauntings were disconcerting to the crew her newfound ability to spelljamm and her vibrant personality kept her secure as long as she did not stay on any one ship too long.

When she was sixteen Starhammer was killed in an engagement with the neogi. She traveled alone for a year after that before she met Waylond Oswald Carruthers. One night on a visit to the Rock of Bral she was jumped by some of The Jugller’s Men after leaving The Edge. She was getting the worst of it when the giff came to the rescue and promptly thrashed them, killing one in the process. Deciding that Bral might be a bit hot for them now they signed on with an outgoing tradesman

Since then they have plied the starlanes of the Arcane Inner Flow, never staying with one crew for long. Neither of them have been back to Bral since then.


Curious as to what her style of clothing would be so I can get started trying to draw her…

Dramatis Personae - Constance

Getting you more details soon. L will be picking her gear and clothes and such this evening. One thing that could be good as a start would be her in just standard deckhand type clothing like this.

Keep in mind she is only 18 and has a decidedly latin / aztec look to her features and skin tone (except for the brilliant blue eyes), but her clothes are typical ship’s crew stuff when on duty.

Dramatis Personae - Constance
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