Planejammer: Ad Astra Per Arcana

Episode 2: Seeking Refuge

  • Hailed a crew of gully dwarves from the “planar elevator” and managed to get lift out of Redeyes. Flying a groundling caravel with a minor helm that they had inherited when the “officers never came back.”
  • Encounter a mithril caged gem in the Flow, remnants of Juna artifice. Kenari manages to discharge it’s remaining flickr of magic and then Hodein chisels away at it until he removes a copy of an obscure volume of cult lore.
  • After crossing the flow to Darnannon tehy are held up by elves and not allowed into the sphere’s wildspace. Solon is qustioned about his fathers ship and mission and given geased papers to check in with the EIN.
    *After a run in with a pair of Flow Bleeders they finally mae it to the Arcane Sphere known as Refuge.

Kill Sheet

2 Bleeders

Kal (PC was spacesick)


Hee hee… as much as Kenari would’ve done such a thing, I’m sure she’d have made a better roll than Katya did. ;)

Episode 2: Seeking Refuge
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