Planejammer: Ad Astra Per Arcana

Episode 3 - Barfight at The Golden Helm

  • After landing the group make their way to The Golden Helm where Weylond starts off with Wavoosh and Old Troll’s Piss.
  • Katya does some dealing with Halass
  • Kal bonds with Beldnorn the dwarf over their hatred of the illithid in the corner. (Ishatrandra, Illithid diplomat to Bral)
  • Brawl breaks out – Illithid mind blast, Kal is OUT! Weylond grapples the illithid
  • Hodeygets trapped in the fireplace underneath a human thrown by one of the Giff patrons, Constance removes him from time and he reappears outside the fireplace. Katya triggers her darkness and uses her hair to drag the unconscious Kal out of the bar.
  • Solon and Weylond hide in the tap room putting as much of a dent in the beer supply as possible, while the others bluff their way past the guard. They are found, absolutely smashed, shortly thereafter and are released once they agree to pay the tab.
  • Everyone meets up again in front of the Bazaar of the Bizarre just down the block. Helm-ho appears in their midst, but the armor falls apart when Solon puts his hand into the visor.
  • Hodey collects the armor to sell. Gets furious when shopkeeper tells him it will disappear in a few hours and Helm Ho will recorporate somewhere else.
  • Street urchin lets them know Harliss wants to see them.
  • As they head back to The Golden Helm to meet Harliss they see the city guard leading the gully dwarves away in irons. Immediate discussion ensues about whether to take the ship immediately or to see what Harliss has for them.


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