Planejammer: Ad Astra Per Arcana

Heinzelmann's Journal - Entry Four

Entry Four

We found a strange platform that, after i figured out how it worked, hopped from plane to plane! Very impressive device filled with crystals and such that floated high above the ground. I made a new gadget from one of the elf’s spells; a Calamus Abatement Injector, to prevent rapid falling. no-one wanted to jump, though. Everyone wanted to keep the crystals, so i invented an Endless Enumerator to record where each went if we return to the Transportalation device. We got picked up by skinny bubber dwarves in a Jammer, looks like they havent seen a pick for years, poor sods. I helped Wheyland to teach them to laugh and sing in a strange melodic gargling chaos. It was hilarious. I made Wheyland a music toy box to remember the occasion. I had to deftly borrow the selfish elf’s spellbook to get the enchantments I needed. Greedy sodden berk basher probably stole the thing in the fist place! we found a wierd book encased in mithral and crystal. With Waylond’s help so i did not float away (it was a scary experience) I was able to free the book with basic mining techniques, but Katya grabbed it while Waylond and I navigated back to the Jammer ….. I miss work. I am out of materials to work on anything. I hope i am not terminated. And that Constant girl is creepy, i think the dark follows her. Contantly Creepy, haha! I need to go tell Katya the new nickname!


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