Planejammer: Ad Astra Per Arcana

Heinzelmann's Journal - Entry Seven

Grey Hawk Captains Log: Entry Seven, Captain Heinzelmann Hodekin

I am the Captain of the Jammer Grey Hawk now! My uncles said i wad destined to be high up. I can’t wait to get the Grey Hawk back to the anthill, they are going to shed right there! A good thing to. We got to Refuge, and the burg had to many sodden elves. We went to a bar with only metal cups, some unhendest bubber tried to put me in the dead-book! I was about to cut his knees out, bob his jink, when Constantly the bully basher attacks me! ME! Always remember that most of the big fleshy leatherheads only know violence, and always use it against blokes smaller than them. Wheyland, the poor basher, cannot see what a prod she is. Then a group of elven pinchers start a brawl, and i almost get trolly-womped by flying berks. Would have been in boxes and pieces if we dxid’nt give em the laugh. This is where it gets real barmy. We see the Grey Hawk crew being touted away, so i decide to claim the ship as ours. At the same time, some other berk slipped us a note that he had a game of chess for us to get some gelt, which i needed if we were getting back on the Jammer. We had to pay the music to a skinner for the Grey Hawk, and took this oppertunity to get even with Constant and Wheyland, changing my clothing into a ships captains, and marching off without spilling a drop of milk, right onto my ship! Gave those berks the laugh! We then searched the ship and found several hidden stashes where only a biter can get to. I was able to obtain a sizeable amount of materials for my research, and the travel on these jammers is full of wasted time. Constant is swooned by my captainhood, and now oils me regularly and offers me gifts. She sees i am a Golden rorty rustler, but does not realize that i can be with none but the best of my own kind. She plays Weylen as a cony, poor leatherhead. I will have to break it to him gently so he does not go ful barmy.



I’m OD-ing on slang! (lol)


You almost need a Hodey-dictionary… Fun stuff!

DungeonMasterLoki cormac

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