Planejammer: Ad Astra Per Arcana

Heinzelmann's Journal - Entry Ten

Captains Log: Entry Nine, Captain Heinzelmann Hödekin

What a barmy week! We decide to sell the Greyhawk in case bashers are chasing it or someone calls beef and we get scragged. Got a rorty bit of milk for Her! The new Ship wants to take a Ride, and i thought it would lead us to plenty of sparkle, so we decided to risk it.
Where it took us was pure wonky, full of kobold kings but not a kobold in sight. These berks said thanks for the ship, here is some party barkle, and off you go! I was not about to be beat by the monkeys and hipped again, so demanded reward for our effort! I did not mean to kill a coney, but the jinkscore was top shelf. Now we are off to get a ship built! We all got a good gate key here!


DungeonMasterLoki cormac

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