Planejammer: Ad Astra Per Arcana

Heinzelman's Journal - Part 1

Katya tells me that writing down my thoughts for my children will help them not be berks, or hit the blinds. Katya loves hearing all of my stories of dragons and the Gold and my family and all, which is why she gave me this book to right it in, so she can “Read them again and again”, as she says.

The first item I would like to talk about is Snack, Katya’s familiar. It smells delicious, and if it tastes anything like the… Cheekan i think its called, then it is delicious. And its eggs! A delicasy! I had a uncle that ate a cat in the hive, and although it was tasty, as cats are of course, it turned out to be some addle coved mages familiar! This mage proceeded to turn my uncle into a cat and fed him to another uncle as warning to some of my other uncles to not eat a mages familiar. Katyas familiar taunts me constantly, but i will not eat it, becase i am a Gold and can overcome my desires! And it really, really pisses mages off.

I wonder if Snack lays eggs?


BWHAHAH! Love it!

Heinzelman's Journal - Part 1
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