Planejammer: Ad Astra Per Arcana

Heinzelman's Journal - Part 2

“Even tall ones are shorter than I am, when they’re flat on their backs in a hole filled with spikes.”
— Uncle Irthos, master trapmaker

Remember, Dont get mad, get even.

Dont forget the poison! Fresh poison means fresh kills! at least that is what uncle Irthos said until he accidently poisoned himself one day. i say forget the poison. too dangerous.

oh, and elves are stupid sods. They stole Dragon Magic and claim it as their creation. No matter the color of their skin, they kill or enslave us because they fear the Dragon inside of us! They are thieving basher bullies. We are the Dragons decendants. Search for the Dragon every day!

“The dragon scale toughens our skin. The dragon bone adorns our skull. The dragon heart flames our sorcery. We are the dragon, and for the dragon we live. Long live the dragon.”


I am beginning to really like Hodey!!

Heinzelman's Journal - Part 2
DungeonMasterLoki DungeonMasterLoki

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