Planejammer: Ad Astra Per Arcana

Heinzelman's Journal - Part 3


Met a githyanki getting bobbed by some githzeri bashers. I was ready to get to the bar, but Katya jumped into the fray before i could get my Apparatus of Invidious Aegis out. While i was protecting myself from these bashers, Katya went and got herself captured. I screamed my battlecry for all to hear “FEAR THE GOLD, BERK!” and shot my Impetus Projector of Veracity, freeing both Katya and the gith sod at the same time. I quickly cranked my Miasma Effluvium, as one basher summoned a Demon, covering our backs as we tried to give em the laugh. If it was not for that waddling gith, we would have.

Instead, we started hoppin’, and end up in the Astral,by the Three, at the same time two Jammers burst through the planner barriers just a few hundred feet from us! I point us to a nearby cluster as one of the Jammers breaks up and the gith sod claims more basher githzeri pirates are on the other one. We decide to make a hasty retreat before we see the dark of it, and get to the cluster, when three survivors of the destoyed Jammer catch up to us. Their begging pleas to save them hit the Gold in me, and I, of course, agreed. After a quick use of my Miasma Effluvium to cover our escape, we went hoppin again. One stop was the plane of air, and this clueless elf starts falling like a bobbed bubber! His friend Waylond is a huge basher with a maw big enough to sit in, and the other fleshy they travel with is named Constant, probably because she contantly tells people what to do.


DungeonMasterLoki DungeonMasterLoki

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