Planejammer: Ad Astra Per Arcana

Katya's Journal Part 1 - Fortune's Fool

New begginings and an unknown future...

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I find my foot subconsciously tapping along with the clicking of heels along the blood-red bricks outside my tent as I try my best to focus on the spread of cards before me.

Try as I might, though… the images blur and I swear as I lose my focus and slam my fist into the table… causing my poor raven to stir from his nap on his perch with a ruffle of feathers and a squawk of “Ahh! Quiet!”

I look over to him with chagrin as I sweep the cards back into my hands. “My apologies Omen… I know how you get without your beauty rest. “ The raven squawks and shifts on his perch before tucking his head under his wing.

I sigh and take a slow, deep cleansing breath before letting it out and picking up the cards one more time. “You’ve watched your mother doing this enough times, Katya… you can do this.” I close my eyes and let my fingers flutter over the cards until I feel that tingle of rightness… and then proceed to lay them out in a 3-card spread.

I flip over the card representing the Past and can’t help but shudder at the Nine of Swords. Depression… cruelty… loss and scandal… all that can be overcome through faith and calculated inaction.

“Except you calculated wrong, didn’t you, mother?” I mutter to myself as Omen wakes from his nap and hops onto the end of the table where I do my readings. “That’s what happens when you forget what has the real power in this forsaken city.” I shake my head to clear it of the bad memories that threaten to come flooding in and breathe deeply once again.

Focus on the reading… let your feelings go.

I pass my fingers over the second card and flip it over to reveal the Wheel of Fortune to my surprise. “Hmm… the beginning of a new cycle, eh? What do you think, Omen… could this be a sign that good fortune is finally coming our way?”

The raven shifts as the clicking of heels along the bricks suddenly stops in front of my tent. “Customers!” it squawks in warning as it flies out to see who is outside.

I tap the card representing my future still turned face down on the table with a long black nail in annoyance. “Perhaps that’s a sign in and of itself,” I chuckle as I sweep the cards back into my deck for a fresh reading for whomever comes through the door, the long tendrils of my braids reaching out to light the incense sticks and dim the lanterns to create a mystical atmosphere. While many say they don’t believe in the power of seers… they always come back just in case they can get that edge over their next business dealing or relationship.

“I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the future brings me.”


Ah, now 2012 has begun! A new DM Loki campaign, a new log up from Kenari/Katya!
Welcome all- as always, looking forward to more!!!


Thanks, killervp! This is the prologue as I get the feel for my new character, and hopefully we will be starting up the new campaign within the next week or two. :)

DungeonMasterLoki Kenari_Sanura

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