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Katya's Journal Part 2 - Exit Stage Left

A Tiefling, a Kobold and a Githyanki walk into a bar...

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“Hodey!” I exclaim in delight as a Kobold sporting goggles and a longcoat comes strolling in with a bag over his shoulder full of miscelaneous items for his inventions. “Looking for haunt siphons for one of your productions in Sigil again?”

“Sigil! Sigil!” squawks Omen as he flies in behind the Kobold artificer and lands on his perch next to my table.

Hmmn… perhaps this is my chance to get out of here?

“Just collecting some items for my latest inventions, Katya. I was about done and thought I’d stop by to show you what I made!” he replies with a toothy grin as he sets his sack down and starts rummaging though it.

I quickly scoop up my cards into my sash and grab my backpack from under my table already packed and ready to go. “You know I would love to hear about them, Hodey… but perhaps you could tell me about them as we head back to the portal?”

“Sure thing, Katya!” the Kobold replies in stride as he pulls out a strange looking device with a gun grip in one hand and swings the sack over his shoulder with the other before walking out of the tent. “This one here is a _______________________!”

I shake my head and grin as Omen flies out after him. Well, this is it, mother…there’s no way I’m going to stay here and wait for my fate. If those bastards want to kill me too because you told me what you discovered, they can bloody well try and find me first!

As I step out onto the blood-red street I mutter the words of the Spark cantrip under my breath, and with a snap of my fingers the edges of the tent behind me begin to smoulder and burn.


As I follow Hodekin through the portal into the City of Doors, I can’t help but feel that it didn’t work… because a few feet down the alleyway we entered there happens to be a cleric getting mugged by some of the ugliest Githzerai I’ve seen in quite a while.

“Feels just like home,” I mutter as I pull out a few rose petals from one of the pouches on my belt and mutter the incantation for a sleep spell. I just hope it works… Hodey pulls out one of the strange devices from his sack and after a few twists and turns of knobs a slight shimmer forms around him.

Moments later one of the monks eyes roll up into his head and he falls to the ground unconscious, but the other two… I couldn’t be so lucky. One of them shakes it off after a moment and the other doesn’t seem to be effected at all. Hells! I reach for the sickle on my belt in dread at the thought of having to fight these monks in combat when suddenly there’s a shriek as another monk leaps from his hiding place above and lands on my back, dropping me to one knee.

I grunt in pain and reach up to grasp one of the arms around my neck with a glowing hand and grin as his skin begins to sizzle. Hode pulls another one of his devices from a holster on his belt and launches a blast of energy into the Githzerai, knocking him unconscious and thankfully getting him off my back to free me for my next attack at the two remaining.

I spread my fingers out before me with my thumbs touching towards the monks and with a thought the stars embroidered on my Arcanist Gloves begin to glow, giving extra power to my spell as jets of fire spring forth to incinerate one of the monks.

Hodey whips out another one of his strange machines and with a loud noise a white ball of fluff launches from it and suddenly the alleyway begins to fill with fog. Good thing too as I notice the rather large silhouette of a demon taking up the exit on the other side. Shit… trust this place not to be any different; a demon never could resist a fight! The bricks beneath my feet begin to vibrate as the demon picks up the scent of blood and decides to come join us.

“Time to go!” I shout as I spy another alleyway to the right and duck down it. I almost have to dodge out of the way as the cleric picks up Hodekin and takes off down the alley in a burst of speed past me. We manage to find some crates to hide behind in the fog and wait it out until the coast seems to be clear.

“I thank you for your help, strangers,” says the Githyanki cleric as he straightens his robes. “My name is Ly’Khal Al’Tiatak, but those not of my kind may call me Khal.”

“I am Katya, and this is my friend Heinzelmann Hödekin,” I reply. “No thanks necessary… I never did get along with Githzerai; they’re much too…too…” I wave my hands in frustration at not being able to think up a nasty enough word and the cleric nods in understanding.

“Hey, I know a good bar not too far from here!” announces Hodey as he looks out into the street and gets his bearings.

“Oh thank the gods!” I reply. “I could certainly use a drink!”


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