Planejammer: Ad Astra Per Arcana

Katya's Journal Part 32- The Bar Between

Constance does information gathering. Dwarf says she’s full of it what are you really looking for. Doesn’t know what she’s talking about. They decide to look for rangers, I suggest they ask the temples. I go to the Temple of Bocob to do some research.

I talk to the steward and offer 10gp Connie tries to stop me and I say that I’m making a charitable donation to the church. Jinsi makes a donation to their war orphan fund and asks them very nicely. They go off to find information about the valley for us. Nobody knows anything about a veil touched valley around here. However, past the double doors down below in the Underdark there’s all such crazy shit.

No one knows the deeper regions like Taurine Leadstick, a Gnomish minerologist always running around in the Underdark. Even the Lord Mayor is unaware, the Deep Doors do exist, between the city and the underdark. Heavily guarded and warded against invaders and the such. In between the deep doors there is a BAR called Helkiums Pit. If you’re looking for something exotic, that would be the place to look. The secret is that it has a steady portal to the World Serpent Inn.

Jinsi asks about a guide, he says go to the bottom level and find Leadstick. Hodey notices people carry weapons that are made of a particular type of metal. Oerthblood is the name.
We’re heading down through the residential to the industrial section. I lurk in the shadows and let people pass me by while the others talk to dwarves and act diplomatic. I wheel and deal trading a vial of liquid mithral for an Oerthblood Dagger. Dagger and 30 crossbow bolts. Masterwork. +1 luck to attack/damage – target damaged gets -1 penalty to all magic saves for one round. (stacks)

Oerthblood is blood of the planet. They’re going to kill the planet! Gasp! Well not right NOW anyway. We travel a day and a half through the city through catacombs thanks to a guide. Robed humans and armored dwarves. I FAIL MY WILL SAVE Alcoves in the walls with glowing balista aimed at the doors. We seek passage! May we go through the door? State your purpose. We’re going to the bar. More clueless kids slumming, Thorfin! We’ll be opening the door again in 3 days.

When we enter the bar I alter my appearance with my ring and slip away into the crowd. Middle or so a hand painted sign says Helcum’s Pit with a big iron glove pointing at the door.
Glowing minerals light up the bar with a column of stone. Hodey talks with bartender about obtaining something from that column and he gets nailed with a bar rag around his head. Just because we’re used to you doesn’t mean you can’t be civil! "

I whisper “Man can you believe how much they’re asking for her? She’s only a human!” in the crowd to see if anyone takes the bait.

Gnome was looking for a vein of Dwyerite, he should be back recently. Connie asks about the valley. Not much response from the crowd. We’ll have to wait for the Gnome. Annika looks to get it on with a pretty dwarf. I drink and ask about the World Serpent Inn, but nobody knows anything. Jinsi is keeping an eye on Constance, who wanders around the bar looking at people. A couple of people look like they’re trying not to look at her. Grungy adventurer types. Connie walks by and they clam up. Jinsi hides and tries to listen to people’s conversations and notices there’s a tall thin guy in dark armor/clothes with a spiked chain who is watching her. Seems human. Seems amused by Jinsi. Annika gets drunk with a pretty dwarf. I wander off to the bathroom, do some detect magic scans, and draw a wanted poster of Constance in the bathroom.

We camp out in the hallway and are woken up by an ambush. Constance takes damage as ninja with chain appears. Annika says terrible mistake and threatens guy. Annie goes all hardcore and licks her blood as she gets her ass beat. Jinsi throws a rock at him and misses widely. I wake up and try and hide while he’s distracted. Connie casts burning disarm on him and he drops his weapon. Annika hits him and then steps back casting mirror image. He sweeps up his chain over and around hitting annika. Jinsi hits him but he saves vs his stunning fist

I summon a pseudonatural dretch of clay flesh and tentacles that appears in the middle of melee and lets loose a stinking cloud. Jinsi is fine, Connie and others have to make their saves. Connie makes my creature disappear and casts Searing Light at the ninja. Annika says Surrender or Die. Jinsi rolls her eyes. He says nothing, Annika says fine I kill you and does her usual thing with shocking grasp. He teleports away though.

Hodey heals people with his caulk gun. Connie’s a teenager who thinks she’s invincible so she’s always on front lines. We take time to heal, Katya goes into the bar for a drink. Some people move their tents away from us to be careful. I cast Read Magic and check out the bar, finding some magical grafitt, some obscene, but no hints towards any portals. Jinsi gets real protective of Connie. Hodey sees drawn onto the wall a picture of Connie I drew on the bathroom wall. Jinsi says “Really, in a privy?” They whitewash it. Jinsi says she’s going to look out for anyone doing it and give them a good thrashing. Somebody is spying on us! How did they know we were here?
I try to deal with a Drow for some poison but he laughs at me. Constance agrees with Jinsi that she needs to cut and change her hair. We sleep in an alcove that Jinsi guards and tries to set traps in. People tend to avoid the metal roaches. Hodey makes some stuff when 2 1/2 days later the doors open.


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