Planejammer: Ad Astra Per Arcana

Katya's Journal Part 33 - Latest Notes

I brew a bleach mix that she uses in her hair, the smell scares off some pigs. Connie dies her hair blue and removes her hat. 2 1/2 days later the big doors open. I make my Will save

Gnome minerologist has knowledge of how to get to the world serpent inn from this in between place. Skinny bald monk with mustache gnome carrying a walking stick and gear humming comes in and walks straight to the bar.

Jinsi walks up and asks his name, introduces ourselves. They offer to buy drinks and he and connie escort him to the bar. Jinsi misses it as I notice a half-orc and two others from the Underdark glancing at Constance. Gnome starts calling her goldilocks. Info isn’t cheap, but you girls seem okay. He leans over and grins hugely and says Pay My Tab.

Jinsi and Constance go up to bar and try to nonchalantly pay his tab. Turns out it’s only 200gp
So Connie gives up some Sapphires and orders another round of drinks. He tries to take them to the back, but Connie brings in us and he gets surly. We go all the way back and it has a big crevass in the back wall. There you go, that will take you out into the back hallway of the bar.

Fine then you wouldn’t mind if one of my friends tests it, I say as I grab him.

Jinsi says fine, she goes through in to a hallway and follows some twists and turns into the middle of a bar. She comes back and says we’re good, I let the guy go. He gives me a glare and I turn and hiss at him while my hair acts like snakes.

We go to World Serpent Inn with big tower in the middle with a big door, pit where people fight, wide variety of beings and entities drinking. We all feel very energized by being here with FAST HEALING I. Gnomish waitresses with butterfly wings flitter about.

We need to 1) get drunk and 2) get information

They get a booth against the wall while I order drinks at the bar. Hodey orders fermented larva, Connie orders something Pink Mist, Jinsi something double layer thick slice of foam with a spoon/ale foam, and me something that will make a succubus forget the next morning.

Hodey wolfs it downs, his eyes cross and he hiccups before he sighs in joy.

He pulls out a tiny bottle with a shot glass and pours six drops of a smoky smi transparent fluid. 100gp.

I offer a tip, he says look up the angels that come through. I drink it up and fail my save. I believe my CHA has gone up 5 points, but in reality my DEX/WIS are at a -4. I am enjoyably fucked up.




Connie’s ghosts are quite visible now. 3 or 4 miniature transluecent Slimer ghosts float around her head, causing me to snort and chuckle as I point. They sound like groans and moans.

We hang out and drink as I stumble around dancing drunk for the angels to show up. One of the waitresses shows up and lists specials of bitopian cheese and matza bread.

I ask a Neogi how to enter the fight? He says the money gets made on betting. You’re delicate for a human. Who are you calling human? You see these horns? Does it look like I’m human? He thinks I’m going to fight, I say no I get other people to do my fighting for me. Oh yes I understand. I’m drunk not stupid though so I’m not going to fight.

jinsi notices a thricreen primitive /dark sun guy steps in when someone stiffs a waitress and a sizeable lizard man with sun on his chest. no angels but a devil or two and a modrone where his cube has blooming clover on its head.

Jinsi points out the modrone, a being of pure order. Bonkers lawful type. carries a wooden staff. I slosh up to Jinsi and suggest she talk to it since they’re both lawful. ice breaker. You may ask… I am Oxenbloom the only Modrone Druid! Jinsi asks it about Remfa. It reacts and it tries to turn into a cat transformer. Jinsi tosses a bar mug at one of us to get our attention. it levitates in the air and a waitress gives her lecture about the rules. Jinsi asks her help to get our attention. Waitress gets us and we follow the cat. the hallways twist and turn, the effects change and corridors fill with mist.

it turns back into druid. why remfa? family reunion. Hodey talks to the Modrone instead. I will have to commune and seek the answer first. yes one future is that I will help you. for that to happen we shall have to survive first though look out behyind you.

trio of halflings comes down the hallway at us – Black Tentacles is cast twice and they come out of the walls. we are grappled.

JINSI throws some shurikens at the halfling and really whacks one in the face while another takes cover. Constance jumps through time and appears out of the spell range. She grabs me and we port behind three surprised halfings wearing matching wizard robes. hodey screams for annika I launch a lightning bolt at attacked halfling who hurts and teleports away with a ring. he used a planeshift spell

Jinsi and Hodey get grappled again. Hodey tries to escape but fails. Jinsi breaks free and tries to attack guy around the corner using acrobatics. hits guy in the head barely and knocks him back. Connie cassts Searing Light on other Halfling. I try a Hold Person and he visibly shrugs it off. He casts lightning bolt at us so 4 POINTS DAMAGE. Other casts at Jinsi and she dodges. She sweeps him and slugs him hard. Constance uses Command on Halfling but he shrugs it off. I say mine’s bigger and cast another lightning bolt. they both turn their rings and disappear.

they were all wearing an ensamble in various shades of green hoods, Jinsi kicks the teeth out of one and she and i scoop up some for trophies and scry spells. Connie and Hodey tries a knowledge Sigil roll: I try knowledge Planes:

They are freelance identical triplet evokers from sigil. mercenaries for hire out to get constance. That uniform comes up alot under rthe Planar Trade Consortium run by Estevan the Ogre. Wasn’t expecting ruffians let’s go somewhere quiet to talk.

I offer Connie my ring to keep her disguise changing and she offers a bottle of fey wine and the planar mace in extended exchange.

I try to talk to it about preserving the balance, doesn’t work. I suggest hitting it upside the head since it’s a machine then. Modrone looks at Hodey closely and says OK.

So are we close? Will you take us? I will return in 3 days with a scroll you will find useful. We get a room. Hodey orders food that’s an array of bugs and worms. I comment about the protien and munch a few before saying it tickles. We rest and I have Omen in the rafters of the hallway keeping watch. I cast mage armor on him too.

modrone returns with a scroll tube and we go into room and look at it. no one can know I gave this to you. I am now done, it’s trees and flowers and woodland creatures for me. he goes back to main common room and we look at scroll which is part star chart part planar references part indecipherable mathematics written in sapphire mage’s handwriting.

I study it and it looks like steps to do to get to the castle. sword used in the beginning leading to the cudgel as the next step.


DungeonMasterLoki Kenari_Sanura

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