Planejammer: Ad Astra Per Arcana

Printout - Known Genetic Markers

While aboard the “shadowship” they found in the Phlogiston Katya made several attempts to gain information from the ship’s AI. Most of these requests were denied, but she was able to discover that they had not set off the ship defenses because the AI recognized some of them as genetically related to others who have been deemed allies.

This is the printout she had it produce of the list.

Baleron Silvertongue
Meng Kung Gao
Elminster of Shadowdale
Stephen Strange
John Constantine
Fell the Dabus
Drego Bloodflame
Neb Rentar
Landrake Ke’randyl
Shintak Taj Pach
Siddiq el Alhazred
Sandra Forbes
Fionna ap Gwydion
Tomas Hoffman
Gamalon Idogyr
Fenelyn of The Silver Void
Moswen Nathandem
Violetta Lucette D’arc
King Mob
Hezekiah Strain
Ghralnack Kurtubac

Kevoth Kul
Axel Asher
Ishmael Longstrider
Voshp’k K’rr’rr
C Sharp Minor Trill
Elric VIII
Austin Osman Spare
Sefris Si Uuthrakt


That Hellbred keeps turning up in the oddest of situations, doesn’t she? ;)

Printout - Known Genetic Markers

If you only knew how much continuity is wrapped up with some of these names….

Printout - Known Genetic Markers

Between past adventures, comic books and listening to your stories of previous games, I recognize quite a few so I can just imagine, lol.

Printout - Known Genetic Markers
DungeonMasterLoki DungeonMasterLoki

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