Planejammer: Ad Astra Per Arcana

Solon's Journal, Part 1

At last! Word has arrived from Klepto – he has found someone who can help me. It has been years since I’ve heard from the halfling, but a more trustworthy spy I’ve not yet met on this “Correlon-forsaken rock of a world,” as Father would say.

Father… It’s been nearly 15 years since I made my vow while you lay on your deathbed. Is this it? Finally, truly, does my journey begin? To the stars? To the Elven Navy? … To my family?

750 years have passed since “Erevan’s Riddle” was destroyed, and you found yourself here, on Pharagos. Having crossed much of Acclasia, Yavvan and Hoquan, I have encountered only a small part of the fear and ignorance that had driven from you much of the pride you used to carry as a decorated Knight and Captain in the Imperial Navy. How you kept your faith in your absent “god”, I do not know. Perhaps it was that remnant of your former life that gave you the strength to go on, finally to meet Serra, my mother. Perhaps I will understand, in time. That you had the courage to share your deepest secrets and treasured possessions with me does me the highest honor. It is my greatest hope that I can fulfill my vow and return honor to you.

I go now to meet with Klepto and this off-worlder he has found. A trader from a distant star. The wonders of the heavens may now be but a few steps away. I shall miss the friendships that I have forged in my travels, but I shall not miss much else. I go to follow my destiny, and to fully embrace my name: Ruasar.


Nice! It’s always grand to game with more journal writers. :)

Solon's Journal, Part 1

Thank you! I can only bask in the shadow of the Master, however. :-)

Solon's Journal, Part 1
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