Planejammer: Ad Astra Per Arcana

Solon's Journal, Part 3

A few days have passed in quiet and I have gathered my wits, though I am certain I left several of them behind on one of those planes we passed through. After speaking with my new travelling companions, I am beginning to get an understanding of what transpired.

Curse me for being so awestruck by the trader’s starship that I did not even think to enquire if they knew how to reach the star-faring elves! On the other hand, when one books passage on a vessel to Northport, one should not have to ask if they will instead be encircling the World Sea forevermore. Ah, well, it matters no longer, as the trader’s starship is destroyed, and all but ourselves aboard it now perished.

We are once again on a starship, though where we are or where we are headed, no one knows. Not a star nor constellation is familiar to me. For the moment, however, I am simply grateful for the respite. At least we have returned to a normal place, where you do not forever fall, or are wholly consumed in flame!

Of my companions, I am most trustful, thus far, of the two surviving crewmembers from the trader’s ship. As fortune would have it, Constance (who, though human, must surely have some Elven blood – never before have I seen a human with such beautiful eyes!), has said that she knows of my family. As she is also a starship pilot, she is my best hope for finding them.

Her friend, Waylond, a large, hulking creature with an animal’s head, is likeable enough. He is of a race called “Giff.” He has a dragon pistol as well, though I will be certain to stay at his back as he seems a bit eager to fire these weapons. I have never heard Father mention his kind. (clearly, there was much Father did not mention…)

We encountered the other 3 travelers on the Astral plane. Were it not for their assistance, we surely would have been overtaken by the pirates who destroyed the trader’s starship. Our escape itself, however, was made more perilous than the predicament due to the impetuous, unthinking actions of the kobold!

A kobold… it seems the Unhuman Wars were fought for naught, as vermin such as this will persist like the cockroaches behind the cupboards. Still, this “Hodey” is capable of imbuing spells into mechanical devices. Intriguing… Other than extreme foolhardiness, he does not appear to be a danger, though I will be sleeping with one eye open while he is among us.

There is also a “Githyanki” priest, Kal. While softspoken, he appears to be anxious about something or someone. If he is not forthcoming about this, it would perhaps be best to distance ourselves from him so as to not become entangled in his affairs; his appearance is similar to that of the pirates who attacked us.

Lastly is a fantastic creature, Katya Volkov, a “tiefling,” whom I suspect of being somewhat touched by the Dark. I do not trust her fully, but she has been helpful with her knowledge of the planes we found ourselves on. She appears to be a seer of some kind; perhaps I should ask her if I will find my family.

The others are talking of taking this vessel from the dim-witted dwarves who rescued us from the planar “elevator”. I hope I can convince them to proffer some compensation for it instead. It is improper to reward charity with treachery, and there is no honor in deceiving those who are like children.

All my life I have longed for the stars, eagerly swallowing up Father’s tales of glory. I now find myself among them, and beyond. While fraught with perils, it is indeed, glorious.


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