Planejammer: Ad Astra Per Arcana

Solon's Journal, Part 4

Not being a sea-farer, I had not any idea how quickly one can become so accustomed to some things when confined to a small ship, as well as so despise others as to want to run oneself through with an antique rapier! I am thoroughly convinced that Giff are simply not capable of hearing the full range of sounds (I should say: noises!) that the rest of us hear. All right, so I have met only one Giff, but Waylond is setting for me such a terrible first impression of the “musical” abilities of his race!

First, there was that odd warbling he did, disrupting every thought while we were trying to figure out a way off the “elevator”. Then, for the Light knows how long, Waylond relentlessly attempted to coax some sort of self-important chorus out of the likes of the stupid, drunken dwarves! There was not a corner of the ship that bore solace from the cacophony of groans we were subject to every … night? (I suppose it is always night out here…) What I would’ve given for a Silence spell!

I was so overjoyed when Waylond finally acknowledged success that I actually threw coins in thanks for quiet relief. Until, that is, that bizarre, little gecko, Hodey, tinkered up another magic device that somehow reproduces the noise made by the bellowing dwarves, and gifted it to Waylond! Thank the Light, though, for his restraint – he only uses it sparingly, and seems satisfied enough that he has not undertaken to teach the dwarves any more … “songs.”

As I have learned on Pharagos, I will do well to keep such thoughts close. Despite my sensitive ears, I truly like Waylond. He has also already proven himself to be a courageous fighter, ready to defend me from the blood beasts that attacked us while I was piloting the ship.

Unbelievable, is it not? A few short months into my journey, and already Constance has taught me how to pilot a starship! It is quite draining, but more exhilarating than anything I have felt before. To cause such a huge vessel to move under my command! Still, I have much to learn. I nearly killed Constance and Hodey when I tried to fling the blood beasts off the ship! Fortunately, Katya was able to catch them both with her strange medusa-like hair, and return them safely to the deck. (I am sure she is Dark-touched now!)

We have also made our way back to “known space”, and have found the Elven Imperial Navy. Which was not hard at all, actually, considering they surrounded and boarded our ship shortly after we entered the “Darnannon Sphere.” An Elf by the name of Silmar allowed me to fulfill one part of my vow, as I presented Father’s sword, pistol and war medals and told his tale of courage and survival despite the sabotage of “Erevan’s Riddle.” He then had me sign papers that I am to present to EIN patrols as we enter each new sphere.

This “Contract of Napthas” seems a double-edged sword. On one hand, I am forced to comply with the conditions set upon me, or else be magically wounded. (I must say, I resent the implication that my word is insufficient. I as well begin to feel some of the same disdaining gaze from the Elven officers as I experienced on my homeworld.) On the other hand, it may grant us less hindered passage than we might otherwise be allowed were it not for my ancestry.

We are heading for Refuge, a world that Constance and Waylond seem familiar with. After many months of close-quartered travel, I am looking forward to solid ground beneath my feet. I should think Khal would agree, if he could only lift his head from his chamber pot long enough!


I can’t get Stevie out of my head!! “Darnaaaaaaaaannon!”

Solon's Journal, Part 4
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