Ship: The Bubbersaint


Newwhal esmaller

Observation Deck
1. Fancy Guest Bedroom Suite
2. Fancy Guest Bedroom Suite
3. Luxury Guest Bedroom Suite

Gallery Deck
1. Open area above the theater and bar.
2. Purser’s Office
2A. Guest safes
3. Fancy Guest Bedroom Suite
4. Storage
5. Linens and Storage
6. Laundry and Supply Room

Cargo Deck
1. Cargo Ramp
2. Cargo Hold

Promenade Deck
1A. Stage
1B. Backstage
1C. Dressing Rooms
2. Luxury Bar Room
2A. The Ship’s Bar Luxury Bar
2B. Bar Storage
3. Fancy Common Area
3A. Floor Passage to Quarter Deck
4. Constance‘s Painting Studio
6. Luxury Bath House
7. Pistol / Archery Range
8A. Fancy Gift Shop
8B. Gift Shop Storage
9. Ship’s Library- Fancy x2; 6 Topics
10. Fancy Dining Hall
11. Galley Dining Hall
12. Fancy Kitchen
13. Extendable Passenger Gangplanck

Quarter Deck
1. Fancy Bedroom Suites
1A. Katya Volkov‘s Bedroom
1B. Kargat Vol’s Bedroom
1C. Heinzelmann Hödekin‘s Bedroom
2. Two + 1 Hevy Ballistae
3. Fancy Common Room
3A. Floor Passage to Promenade
3B. Storage
4. Single Basic Bedrooms
5. Quad Basic Bedrooms
6. Double Basic Bedrooms
7. Fancy Bath
8. Waylond Oswald Carruthers’s Greenhouse
10. Waylond Oswald Carruthers‘s Greenhouse
12 Katya Volkov’s Fancy Artists Studio
13. Katya Volkov‘s Alchemy Lab Fancy Guards and Wards
14. Katya Volkov’s Magic Lab Fancy Guards and Wards
15. Heinzelmann Hödekin‘s Magic Lab Fancy(small size)
16. Heinzelmann Hödekin’s Workspace Fancy(jewelry and clockwork, small size)
17. Gate Breaker Ballista + 1

Command Deck
1. Fancy Bedroom Suite: Captain Constance’s Quarters
2. Fancy Bedroom Suite: Second Mate Waylond Oswald Carruthers
3. Dayroom (fancy, common)
4. Bridge
4A. Map Room
5. Security Passages
6. Flipper Controls
7. Luxury Cargo Storage
8. Fancy Cargo Storage
9. Supply Storage.
10. Brig (four cells)
11. Jettison

Whaleship deckplans for Ad Astra Per Arcana by Cormac

Painted black on the outside with a gold interior

Name: The Bubbersaint
Type: Whaleship
Colossal water vehicle
Squares: Squares 1 × 7 (30 × 225)

AC: – 2, 6 (Base) – 8 Size (Colossal)
AC Touch: – 2
Hardness: 10 (Magially Treated Wood)
HP: 1,260, Oars (Flippers) 400
Saves: + 8

Max Speed: As Helmsman / 180 ft. (current) or 40 ft. (muscle)
Accel: 1 TR / 30 ft. (current) or 15 ft. (muscle)
Initiative: As Helmsman
CMB: 4
CMD: 14
Ramming Damage: 4d8 + 2d8 (Blunt Ram)

Propulsion: Helm, current (water), or muscle (pushed; 140 Medium rowers)
Sailing Check: Pilot Spelljammer / Profession (Spacehand/Sailor)
Forward Facing: the ship’s forward
Driving Device: Helm
Driving Space: the nine squares around the helm, typically located in the aft of the ship
Crew 20 or 160 (if the boat is rowed)
Decks: 6
Weapons: up to 6 Huge direct-fire siege engines in banks of 3 on the port and starboard sides of the ship. The siege engines may only fire out the sides of the ship they are positioned on. They cannot be swiveled to fire toward the forward or aft sides of the ship. 1 Gate Breaker Ballista and 1 Jettison facing aft. They cannot be swiveled to fire toward the forward or sides of the ship

Heavy Ballista (Huge)
Cost: 800 gp
Dmg: 4d8
Critical: 19-20/x2
Range: 180 ft.
Type: P
Crew: 3
Aim: 2
Load: 3
Speed: 0 ft.

Ballista, gate breaker (Gargantuan)
Cost: 1,200 gp
Dmg: 6d8
Critical: 19-20/x2
Range: 100 ft.
Type: B
Crew: 5
Aim: 3
Load: 5
Speed: 0 ft.


Staff: 8 servants, 2 valet, laborer, 2 cooks, 3 clerks, 20 Spacehands, 6 guards, 2pilots (1 Celestian, 1 Ptah both 2nd level)
Staff Costs: 5,346 for full crew for six months (+ 50 gp / day for pilots)

Rations: 42 rations + 5 sets of deluxe rations (6 months supply)

Ship’s Wards


Ship: The Bubbersaint

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