The Athar believe that the gods are frauds, unworthy of worship, no matter how powerful they may be. While possessing awesome might and near-limitless resources, gods are not the all-knowing, allpowerful progenitors of the multiverse – they are beings that make mistakes, and they can be killed. The false hierarchy of worshipper and deity serves only to bolster a power‘s ego and reinforce the inferiority of a worshipper. No, the gods are beyond the understanding of mortals, if they exist at all.

What exists now is nothing more than an elaborate scheme that ends up with worshippers getting the short end of the stick. There is enough hardship in a person‘s life without the need to cater to a power‘s whims, and the Athar believe it is their duty to inform everyone they don‘t have to.

Philosophy: The gods are all frauds.
Nicknames: Defiers, the Lost.
Headquarters: The Spire.
Major Races: Bariaur, chaond, half-elves, humans, tieflings, zenythri.
Favored Classes: Ex-clerics, monks, ex-paladins, rangers, druids.
Factol: Jaya Forlorn (NG female human ex-Clr7/Ftr2/Defier5).
Prominent Members: Caylean (CG male tiefling Rgr6), Hobard (CN male githzerai Wiz11/Fist of
Alignment: Any, with chaotic tendencies.
Symbol: Profile of the Spire crowned by a black torus.

The gods are frauds, not because they aren‘t powerful – they are; there is no denying it – but because they present themselves as more important than all other things in the multiverse. They demand worship and obedience, but they grant only a tiny measure of power to a select group of worshippers, mainly clerics, in exchange for a lifetime of devotion and service. The bulk of the population receives no acknowledgement, let alone benefit, for their piety. Most creatures live and die without knowing if their god truly existed. Such deception is unconscionable and inexcusable, and must cease.