One of the most popular powers of the Egyptian pantheon, Bast (or Bastet) is the patron of pleasure, protection, punishment of wrongdoers, and cats. She claims dominion over all catkind, but this is contested vigorously by the Cat Lord.

In her true form, Bast is a lovely woman with the head of a sleek feline. She is always found in the company of a great many cats of numerous varieties and no such animal will ever act against her interests.

Bast is a goddess who delights in physical pleasures and yet maintains the quiet elegance of a feline. She is soft spoken and patient, but always a cunning dangerous opponent. Her worshipers are the sworn enemies of Set and his minions, and will attack them on sight.

Bast’s realm, Merratet, is located on Ysgard. Merratet can be found on the far side of the great ocean that borders Vanaheim. Bast’s palace is a huge vine-covered acropolis on the edge of a wasting desert. There, she influences her realm only through her dreams, which echo throughout her realm. Bast’s realm has served as a hiding place for various Norse powers from time to time, including Bragi and Loki. Several portals are thought to connect Merretet with the Gilded Hall of the Sensates. Towns in Merretet include Eowr, with its healers, and Bresiris, the town of Dreaming Death.

In Faerun, she is often known as Sharess, and in that guise she rules a realm called Rapture in Brightwater. When she is in Rapture, she leaves Merratet in the hands of Skullbury, an enormous talking panther known best for… well, for burying skulls throughout the palace.