Burning Dreams

Burn vedis

The rules only apply when physically in the Dreaming.

Once per turn, as an immediate or swift action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity, a carried Dream can be burned to provide a supernatural benefit to the character.

Burning a Dream once does no physical harm to the one burning it, although players are encouraged to role-play the consequences of corroding or losing their life-long memories and desires. The first time a Dream is burned it is considered degraded but is otherwise unchanged. A mark should be placed next to it on the character’s sheet to indicate its use.

When a Dream is burned a second time, it becomes the next lower type of Dream: Hopes become Aspirations, and Aspirations become Goals. Goals are totally destroyed when they are burned a
second time. When a Hope or Aspiration is downgraded, it loses its degraded status, and can thus be burned twice more before being downgraded again.

Burning a Dream provides any one of the following benefits. Unless otherwise noted, use of this ability can only affect actions within 30 ft.:

Negate a critical inflicted upon the character.
Confirm a critical inflicted by the character.
Inflict maximum or minimum damage on an attack by or against the character.
Empower a damage roll by the character

The character may re-roll a failed roll.
The character may force another character within 30 ft. to reroll a roll.
The character automatically hits a foe or succeeds at any one roll.
The character’s successful attack threatens a critical strike.

Provide a +3 bonus to a roll.
Inflict a -3 penalty to a roll.
Increase a single DC by 3.
Reduce a single DC by 3.
Allow a character to gain twice its level in temporary hit points.

Dreams that once belonged to others can also be burned. Using another character’s Dreams provides the appropriate benefits, but also grants the original dreamer a bonus on all rolls against the character burning their Dream, including damage rolls. The amount of this bonus depends on the type of Dream degraded, downgraded or destroyed.

Hopes provide a +4 bonus, Aspirations a +2 bonus and Goals a +1 bonus. Always choose the highest bonus, even if a Dream has been subsequently downgraded through use by the current user. These bonuses may be cumulative if more than one Dream is being burned.

If a Dream is destroyed either through degradation or sacrifice, this bonus is permanent, otherwise the bonus lasts for ten days.

Sacrificing a Dream
A character may choose to sacrifice a Dream instead of burning it. Sacrificing a Dream provides a one-time bonus incorporating three effects (or the same effect thrice, where appropriate) of the proper level or lower on the same action. The Dream is then destroyed.

Repairing the Dream
Characters who have lost all their personal Dreams suffer a -3 penalty to Will saves and two negative levels. These negative levels cannot be lost until a character gains a Dream. A character possessing only the Dreams of others suffers the -3 penalty to Will Saves. Mindless creatures, creatures with an intelligence of two or lower, and creatures which do not dream never suffer these penalties.

Degraded Dreams, those that have been burned once, lose bits of detail, becoming obfuscated and difficult to recall. Downgraded Dreams, those hopes that have become goals, and those goals that have become aspirations, have less force behind them.Destroyed Dreams can be reborn and degraded Dreams can heal.

Greater restoration renews a single degraded Goal or Aspiration (but not a Hope). Limited wish likewise removes the degraded status of any one Dream (including a Hope) and can also be used to restore a downgraded Aspiration, that is, an Aspiration that has become a Goal. A properly-worded wish or miracle restores a sacrificed or otherwise lost Dream to a degraded state, or repairs a degraded Dream to its original place and power.

Renewed Purpose -Characters grow and so do Dreams. When characters gain a level, they can renew one degraded Dream of their choice to represent their new resolve.

There is another way to repair your Dreams and that is through the destruction of another soul’s Dreams. One Dream may be sacrificed to renew a degraded Dream of equal or lesser value. As well, multiple Dreams can be burned to renew more valuable Dreams. Remember that one Hope equals two
Aspirations and four Goals. Sacficing other people’s Dreams in this way is always an evil act.

Achieving the Dream
Hope is only hope so long as it’s unseen. If a character accomplishes a Goal, Aspiration or Hope, he can replace it with a new Dream.

Rules by Rite Publishing, from Coliseum Morpheuon
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Burning Dreams

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