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Base Classes
Artificer – Creates arcane effects through weird science!
Warlock – Draws eldritch power from a pact with an Outsider.

Prestige Classes
Alienist – a Pathfinder conversion optimized for our game and setting.
Gatecrasher PrC – A planar rogue who specializes in portals

Archetypes are a quick and easy way to specialize characters of a given class. You can find the basic rules and some examples here.

Engineer – Alchemist, Tinker
Heretic – Inquisitor
Inspired Inquisitor – Inquisitor, Psionic, Eberron
Tashalatora – Psychic Warrior, Unarmed, Eberron
Thinblood Sorceror – Sorceror
Unbreakable – Fighter

Image by Syreene