The Doomguard pay homage to entropy, believing it to be the only constant in the universe. Some
guard against the doom, while others guard the doom against those that would stop it. But they are together in their belief of a constant descent, that the universe reached its peak with creation and is now purely a downhill trip. Many Sinkers are mercenaries and warriors, finding roles that engagein destruction on a daily basis, but some take a less obvious approach using magic, piety, or other means.

Philosophy: Entropy is the only truth. Everything falls apart.
Headquarters: Negative Quasielemental Planes.
Nickname: Sinkers (Ashers, Dusters, Salties, Voids)
Majority Races: Humans, tieflings, zenythri.
Majority Classes: Fighters, rogues, wizards.
Factol: None
Prominent Members: Devland (LN male half-elf Ftr16 Doomguard (Asher)), Nagaul (NG female
dwarf Clr12 Doomguard (Voids)), Pereid (LN female human Rog20 Doomguard (Dusters)), Roth (CN male
tiefling Ftr15 Doomguard (Salties)), Spragg (LG male human Expert10/Ftr5 Doomguard)
Alignment: Any.
Symbol: A horned, spined animal skull on a blue field surrounded by a yellow ring.

A single belief fuels the Doomguard: everything is falling apart. The only truth of the multiverse is that it will end. In fact, it‘s ending every minute of every day, with every flake of rust, every aging body, and every waning power. It‘s happening on a mass scale. Nobody could stop it, even if everybody tried together. For every finger you stick in the dam to halt a leak, another leak will spring from the pressure. Most people rage against entropy, or at least try to. The Doomguard takes the opposite tack -why wait? Why not help it along?

It‘s their take on entropy that has led most folks to think the Sinkers are insane or worse. Truth is the reasons one might hasten the end are varied and not always malevolent. Some think the multiverse is less than perfect, and the slate has to be cleared for a better order. Others think the powers and mortals alike have a tendency to lengthen the lifespan of the planes beyond their natural age, and that the Sinkers have to work to undo the harm this ―preservation‖ does. Some just want to see the multiverse end in their lifetime, and play a part in the biggest and final event in the history of the planes. Others are simply inspired by the despair and chaos entropy brings, and let it take permanent root in their souls. Whatever their reasons, they are united in the belief that eventually the multiverse is going to crumble, and defying this end is denying its purpose.

The Doomguard, however, in keeping with their tendency to break and disperse other things, have
broken and dispersed themselves. Currently four major sects call themselves Doomguard, each
representing a particular interpretation of their philosophy. Before the Faction War, there had only been three subfactions, supposedly in keeping with the Rule of Threes. But any Sinker can tell you that it‘s easy enough for three pieces to become four, and tradition be damned.

The fastest growing splinter group is the Doomguard of Ash. A number of Doomguard led by Spragg have embraced the belief that things are falling apart too fast, pointing to the Faction War as a wake-up call to those Sinkers that think otherwise. Perhaps shaken by the destruction unleashed during the war, the Ashers don‘t view rapid decay with as much love as they used to. Believing wholeheartedly that the multiverse has its own path to destruction, they think it is wrong to accelerate its end, and perhaps cause unnecessary harm to the planes. One of their older members, Devland, would simply gesture to the ash that surrounds their citadel, and point out that there‘s more than enough entropy already.

Furthermore, if their faction falls apart, who‘s going to help entropy along when it does need help? While most of their efforts right now are being put towards healing their own wounds and unifying their faction, they seek to curb the more excessive members of their faction, as well as slow the hemorrhaging of the planes they believe the Faction War has begun.

While they were once the largest group, entropy has taken hold on the group now known as the
Doomguard of Salt, and their numbers dwindle due to their own destructive actions. These folks
believe that entropy has to be accelerated as fast as feasibly possible. They follow the vision of their missing leader, Pentar, who previously led them, and Roth, the inheritor of her legacy. While partial to accelerating natural cycles of decay, they have taken a more active role by feeding weapons and information to both sides of the Blood War in an attempt to intensify it. They also seem to believe that any Sinker that doesn‘t subscribe to their view is a pale mockery of the Doomguard as it once existed. Right now, this makes their main opponent the Ashers, and they’ve come quite close to wiping Spragg‘s faction out. Though they‘re seen as dangerous maniacs by many of the other faction members, few can fault their dedication… as well as the fact that they seem to have the largest stockpile of weapons, most of which were ―liberated‖ from the Armory of Sigil.

The more moderate view is taken by the Doomguard of Vacuum, who think that entropy is right on
schedule, and that Doomguard should act to speed or slow it on a case-by-case basis… if at all. Led by Neraul, and the second-largest group of Doomguard, they have been allying themselves with the Ashers in the interest of restoring the faction‘s strength. Indeed, were it not for their efforts, the faction might have fallen apart entirely by now. Of course, in a decade, they might be working to halt the growth of the faction… if it survives that long.

Doomguard of Dust seem to be a more eclectic lot, not seeming to partake in one view on entropy.
Rather, they are unified by the fact that entropy has taken root in their souls. Led by Pereid, and the largest current faction of Doomguard, many come across as chaotic as a Xaositect, and some are undeniably mad. Others have been wounded during the Faction War and other conflicts, and sport disfigured or scarred bodies. A growing belief in this citadel is that entropy should be internalized -that only those that bear its mark, in one way or another, can have a perspective on it. They are split between those that think entropy is moving too fast, those that think it‘s moving at a sufficient pace, and those that think that it isn‘t moving fast enough, but their belief in internal entropy is what has brought them together.

Adapted from the Planescape Campaign Setting on Pathfinder converison by Loki


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