Fraternity of Order

The Fraternity of Order isn’t what a body might think. First of all, they aren’t concerned with keeping the order – that’s the Harmonium. Secondly, they just aren’t as… well… orderly as they used to be.

Getting booted out of Sigil by the Lady shook them up but good, and inserted a bit more chaos into the stagnant mix that the Guvners used to be. But their core philosophy still revolves entirely around laws and the order therein. See, according to them, it‘s very important to understand laws… whether they’re the local statutes or the universal axioms all creatures are forced to live by. To them, understanding the laws – the Orders – things work by is vital to manipulating things to be the way people want them and need them. Of course, the sort of power that information grants isn’t bad, either. And it’s no secret that the Guvners are looking to be in charge of it all, sooner or later.Of course, if you listen to them long enough, you just might think that they are in charge. And if their theories are correct, that just might be the case…

Philosophy: Learn the laws that govern the multiverse and gain power through them.
Nickname: Guvners.
Headquarters: The Fortress of Disciplined Enlightenment in Mechanus.
Majority Races: Dwarves, humans, gnomes, zenythri.
Majority Classes: Psions, wizards.
Factol: Jamis (LG female human Clr12 (Oghma) Fraternity of Order)
Prominent Members: Nancias Garabutos (LN female human Wiz11 Fraternity of Order)
Alignment: Any non-chaotic.
Symbol: A dagger with a blue handle, pointed upwards. Blue curls over from the top, branching and splitting as it falls down – as if being cut by the dagger itself. The blade of knowledge reveals the truth.

Knowing the law is one thing, and relatively uncomplicated, even if it can be taxing and timeconsuming to study it. But knowledge of how to use laws is where real power comes from. Think of it this way: a man might not know he can use a boulder as a weapon until he understands that the law of gravity will let him push it off a ledge, or, even better, the law of action and reaction that lets him construct a catapult that flings the boulder as far as he needs it. Imagine that on a multiversal scale, and you‘ve got an inkling of what the Guvners are aiming for.

The Fraternity of Order believes there are three types of Orders. The first are called Rules, created by sentient beings to govern themselves and resolve disputes. The second are called Laws, which derive from the powers. Most Laws are the natural laws of a given plane – the cycle of time in the Outlands, for example. The third are known as Axioms. Axioms are laws all things – inanimate or alive, divine or mortal, planar or prime – must adhere to. Some Axioms are referred to as Great Axioms, which it‘s said only the powers can really understand. However, if by some chance a mortal does come to fully understand one, one might move on to an existence more capable of withstanding that knowledge. Whether this means becoming a power or something else is entirely theoretical.

Another trick to laws is discovering loopholes. By using loopholes in Orders, one can win court battles, devise a device that boils tea nicely, or even bend Axioms to perform actions that might otherwise be impossible. With loopholes, it‘s possible to do anything… a body‘s just got to uncover the secret to it. The loopholes of Rules are useful in the court, the loopholes of Laws are useful in the lab, and the loopholes of Axioms… well, they‘re useful anywhere, though one can only cheat the universe itself so many times before it wises up.

Some Guvners argue that Rules are not created by mortals, nor are Laws created by powers. Rather, they are discovered, and the truth is that there‘s a universal set of such Orders, and that some may become lost or misunderstood, while others simply haven‘t been discovered yet. People may think they‘ve written a new law, or a power may think its edict is its own, but they‘re just introducing (or rediscovering) a previously unknown Order. While some may argue that there is no such thing as universal Rules and Orders due to the seemingly varied laws of different planes and realms, such Guvners would counter with the idea that Rules and Orders can be different between places and times. In their mind, that simple fact doesn’t mean there isn’t an underlying order behind their variations of absolutes.

Though they may seem monolithic and homogenous to outsiders, the Fraternity of Order is often
divided between different viewpoints. While they’re all undeniably dedicated to law, they have varying viewpoints on what those laws might be. Even what is considered to be ―known‖ is somewhat selfcontradictory, and the Guvners realize it’s hard for them to see the whole picture. Therefore, different bureaus have been devised to help solve this problem. Sometimes they are formed to devise a solution to a problem, or other times simply to perform dedicated study of a single piece of the multiverse. A handful of the bureaus are described below, but a there are literally hundreds of different bureaus both defunct and active in Guvner records.

One group within the Fraternity of Order, the Mathematicians, focuses solely on discovering the Orders of Mechanus itself. After all, the theory goes, Mechanus embodies every law, everywhere in the multiverse. So a full understanding of Mechanus‘ laws would allow you to use those discoveries across all planes. In addition, it‘s said that somebody that pins down every bit of law about the gears would gain enough insight to rule Mechanus… and from there, the rest of creation shortly afterward. Furthermore, they believe the plane of ultimate law has a ―perfect version of anything else in the universe. So by studying Mechanus, one can find anything one might be desire. Formerly a separate sect, they have been subsumed into the Bureau of Native Mathematics, a subdivision of the Fraternity of Order.

On the other, more down-to-earth side, some newer members are claiming that folks within their
faction were and are going too fast, too soon. They argue that the understanding of Rules and Laws is incomplete at best, and that to try and uncover Axioms before mastering the basics is dangerous, if not outright mad. Focusing on bringing the information they have into more physical endeavors, many of these younger Guvners are explorers, investigators, and inventors, seeking out knowledge and putting it into more practical pursuits, such as golems and clockwork oddities designed to perform tasks of labor and the like. Surprisingly, though Jamis has not joined in with her rhetoric, many of those returning with her to Sigil are of this group. Officially, they‘re organized under the new Bureau of Timekeepers, even if many of their endeavors deal in more than just watches.

Finally, another new theory that‘s controversial at best, and considered outright heresy at worst, posits that the Fraternity of Order is looking in the wrong place entirely to discover law. An outgrowth of attempts to study the elements which made up the Faction War, these scholars believe that only in attempting to discover the patterns of chaos can one uncover the truth of the multiverse. They believe that if one can find the patterns and rules even in the most seemingly disorderly of all forces, that those rules will be the ultimate Orders… those that exist even in the face of seemingly total chaos.

There is no official bureau for them as of yet; most of them exist under the Bureau of Extraplanar Exploration and Development, or as the Bureau of Xenophilosophical Studies. While considered a bunch of fools by the majority of Guvners, they have mounted expeditions to Limbo. Right now they‘re particularly interested in trying to discover the dark of the inhabitants’ ability to influence the raw matter of the plane itself, though much to the relief of Limbo‘s inhabitants, they haven‘t stumbled onto it yet.

Adapted from the Planescape Campaign Setting on Pathfinder converison by Loki

Fraternity of Order

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