Free League

Philosophy: Freedom and individuality.
Nickname: Indeps.
Headquarters: The Outlands.
Majority Races: Tauric creatures.
Majority Classes: None.
Factol: None.
Prominent Members: Harys Hatchis (NG male human Wiz 11 Free League), Kylie (N female
tiefling Rog8 Free League)
Alignments: Any, with neutral tendencies.
Symbol: A yellowish or golden-toned abstract dragon, circling in on itself to eat its own tail,
wings above its body though folded close.

A true Free Leaguer has no philosophy and no problem telling you so if you try to confront them about it. When asked directly on points, most Indeps will give a loose definition or simply not answer the question at all, turning it back upon the questioner. The only thing that a Free Leaguer will be definite about is their independence. They are free to make up their own mind as they wish, and will not give up that freedom for any price. See, the Free League isn‘t about spreading a particular philosophy.

They don‘t have a common belief; fact of the matter is, most don‘t believe there is a ―right‖ belief to begin with. To accept one philosophy over another is only restricting yourself, denying independent thought in favor of someone else‘s opinion. Members of the Free League are not held to any creed other than individualism, freedom, and tolerance. They accept any person, are often non-judgmental, and can be found scattered throughout the Outlands and within Sigil. In the end, the philosophy of the Free League is not having a philosophy. A member determines his own mind, and does not simply follow an outlined guide for his beliefs

Adapted from the Planescape Campaign Setting on Pathfinder converison by Loki

Free League

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