LE Large city
Corruption -1; Crime +2; Economy +4; Law +3; Lore +4; Society +0
Qualities holy site, pious (Aegyptian), prosperous, racially intolerant (nonhumans), strategic location
Danger +10

Government Magical
Population 80,000 (70,000 humans; 4,000 Tieflings: 4,000 Aasimr, 2,000 other)
Noteable NPCs

Base Value 11,200 gp; Purchase Limit 75,000 gp; Spellcasting 9th
Minor Items 4d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 2d4

Gheldaneth is the second largest city in Mulhorand. There is a large port facility, as goods come by ship from Unthalass and foodstuffs come from the Great Vale by water or by land.

The city is governed by the priests of Thoth, and the largest building is not the palace but the great university whose towers line the northern wall of the city. It is compulsory for every citizen of Gheldaneth to learn how to read, write, count, and to be able to answer simple questions about the history of Mulhorand and its deities. Even slaves are taught to read and write. The very best students in Gheldaneth may be accepted as apprentices to the Scribes’ Guild, which is one of the most prestigious positions in Mulhorand. Social class is not a barrier to entry. Adjacent to the university is the wizard’s college, which is open only to initiates of Thoth. All new candidates for admission to the college are magically screened to ensure that they are not Thayvian spies trying to learn the secrets of Thoth. All wizards in Mulhorand must travel here or to the temple in Skuld to study wizardry.

Major temples in Gheldaneth are dedicated to Thoth, Nephthys, Horus-Re, and Isis. The population of this city is about 80,000.



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