Guardian of the Dead Gods

This being was once known as Anubis, guardian of the dead for the Egyptian pantheon. Then as now, he most commonly took the form of a muscular, jackal-headed figure with dark eyes.

In the course of his duty, he grew well-accustomed to the Astral Plane, as the realm through which his pantheon’s followers must travel. However, he began to grow increasingly offput by the growing number of godcorpses within that plane. Over time, he slowly became one of the few powers with a sense of his own mortality.

This sense grew even worse when at one point, he caught sight of a group of mortals attempting to rend a godcorpse apart for whatever reason; scavenge for building materials, spell components, the specifics are not known today.

Wishing to stop this senseless destruction of his compatriots, Anubis cast off his divinity, becoming something else, neither mortal nor divine. Taking the position of steward of the dead gods, it began to watch, guarding the floating islands from others that would do them harm. Though it still has some worshipers, and even a small number of priests, it possesses no realm and grants no spells (such priests gain their powers from the whole of the Egyptian pantheon, though they may not be aware of this). Instead, it merely sits and watches, defending the graveyard of the Astral.

The Guardian only manifests itself nowadays at a threat to one of the godcorpses, though what constitutes a threat none can say. It is said to drift through the astral these days sitting it its crown and noting facts of divine death in its book, though none can speak of the truth to this tale.

Guardian of the Dead Gods

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