The Harmonium believes that peace and harmony is the perfect state of the multiverse. In times of
peace, farmers can tend to their crops, merchants can trade freely, and soldiers don’t have to die.

Clearly, peace is better than disharmony and war. And what causes disharmony? It‘s simple, say the Harmonium: disagreement. When two nations or just two people disagree, it leads to friction, discord, and ultimately fighting. To that end, the Harmonium believes in minimizing disagreements by working together as one group. Their goal is nothing less than recruiting every sentient being into the Harmonium. And once everyone lives in agreement with all others, then the multiverse will enter into a golden age of peace.

Philosophy: Universal harmony through force of arms.
Nicknames: Hardheads.
Headquarters: Planar headquarters in Melodia in Arcadia – central headquarters in Ortho
Majority Races: Aasimar, dwarves, humans, zenythri.
Favored Classes: Fighters, monks, paladins.
Factol: Faith (LG female human Clr17 (Saint Cuthbert) Harmonium)
Prominent Members: Killeen Kaine (LN male half-elf Wiz16 Harmonium), Nicolai Mabru (LN male
tiefling Wiz12 Harmonium), Tonat Shar (LG male human Ftr10 Harmonium)
Alignment: Lawful good or lawful neutral.
Symbol: A sword thrust downward in front of a shield.

The multiverse has always needed someone like us.

So begins the Book of the Harmonium, the most revered book of the faction. Within that tome the
goals, rules, and core philosophy of the Harmonium are laid down. And central to the Harmonium
philosophy is that of the truth of belief. Not just the truth of what they believe, but the truth of belief itself.

See, it‘s obvious that peace and harmony is the perfect state of the multiverse. It‘s only when this is achieved that a person can make the most of his life, and not waste it in a struggle of ideals and petty differences. It‘s clear, then, that the only true belief is that which brings about peace and harmony. Truth is harmony, the Book explains, and harmony is truth. And only if everyone accepts this doctrine can peace ever be achieved; anything else is a selfish deception.

When belief is power, belief can be used for the selfish quest of individual ascension, to create discord and conflict among society, or it can be used to forge a unified front of peace and safety for all. Those who care about others strive to find a common system of belief that benefits everyone, while those who only care about themselves choose a different system of belief, inevitably false because it will inevitably lead to disagreement, which causes friction and even war. It is this common belief, this belief that by working together peace can be obtained, that the Harmonium places at the very center of their organization.

Unfortunately, there are many folk that resist the Harmonium, regardless of the truth of their cause. Mostly chaotic people who prefer strife and oppose harmony, and even many good folk who cause friction while thinking it‘s for the best. And so it‘s the Harmonium‘s job to educate them. Remember, disagreement is the cause of war, and so only when everyone agrees with the Harmonium and adopts their beliefs can peace ever be truly obtained. Most Harmoniums will take any opportunity to lecture the uninitiated on the absolute rightness of their cause. They know with an utter conviction not commonly found even among other factions that their cause is right and just. After all, how could it not be? The Harmonium belief has to be right, because the Harmonium belief is the one system that can bring an end to war.

Of course, not everyone can be swayed, and the Harmonium recognize this. The tanar‘ri are a prime
example; beings of pure chaos and evil, the tanar‘ri would never accept the Harmonium ideals – their ways of thinking are just too different. Therefore, the Harmonium itself has had to become a military machine to fight their menace. That may sound paradoxical, but it really follows quite naturally from their beliefs. After all, doesn‘t the Book of the Harmonium warn that difference of belief inevitably leads to war? And cannot peace only be achieved when the multiverse all accepts the truth of the Harmonium and accepts a common belief? While these facts are obvious, who thinks the tanar‘ri will ever accept law and good? Will the slaadi ever conform to the truth of harmony through cooperation? No, they never will. Thus, they must be dealt with in the only way possible: through force of arms.

Simply put, to bring about peace, first you must defeat the warmongers. The Harmonium will bring
peace about, and will pay any price to get it. If bringing about peace means thumping heads, then the Harmonium is willing to thump heads. Every time the Harmonium defeats an enemy, there’s one fewer person opposed to peace, one less barrier to the universal harmony that the multiverse is destined to have. They‘ll bring about peace to the multiverse, even if they have to wade through every godforsaken layer of the Abyss and defeat every tanar‘ri to do it. It‘s a nigh-impossible task, but they‘re trying anyway – even if it kills them

Adapted from the Planescape Campaign Setting on Planewalker.com Pathfinder converison by Loki


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