Heinzelman's Gadgets


An inventory of the Weird Science devices of Heinzelmann Hödekin

Name: Heinzelmann Hödekin
Origin: Planar- Clerk’s Ward, Sigil
Race/Class: Kobold (Gold Dragonwrought), Artificer 3
Faction or Affilliation: Entertainers Guild & Civic Festhall

The Journals of Heinzelman

Differential Thaumaturgic Identity Emanator These goggles produce Detect Magic when worn by Heinzelmann, as the spell.

Equilibrium Oscillating Twist Shank This 4 inch handle ends in, when used, tiny twirling dull blades and rose quartz. It uses Prestidigitation to manipulate items the user designates within range, emitting a soft hum while activated.

Component Ameliorator One of Heinzelmann’s most used thingamabobs, this three inch oval object has a hand strap on one side and dozens of clockwerk prongs on the other, that, when waved over a broken or torn item, produces a Mending effect as the spell, with loud clicks, sploots, and whirls.

Thaumaturgic Manipulating Extremity This one foot rod has a small clockwerk hand on the end that grasps when the handle is squeezed. It produces and controls a Mage Hand as the spell.

Sonic Emanation Processing Gadget This tiny bullhorn creates Ghost Sounds as the spell.

The Endless Enumantor This small ball uses a variant of Arcane Mark to number whatever Heinzelmann touches it to.

Impetus Projector of Veracity A small pistol shaped item that shoots Magic Missles

Miasma Effluvium When Heinzelmann winds the crank, this boxy contraption shoots a wet cottony substance that produces Fog as the spell.

Personal Perpendicular Mounting Applicator A ball that when activated and touched, makes your hands and feet sticky, giving the target the Spider Climb ability as the spell.

Escutcheon of Dynamism A clockwerk doohicky that resembles a small sized bug sprayer. When activated it sprays the target with a dry misty covering which emulates the Shield spell.

Antagonist Apperceiver This tiny pair of hand held goggles shows the user knowledge of recent encountered creatures, as the Know the Enemy spell. Heinzelmann looks through the goggles while repeatedly pulling down a lever on the side of the goggle for one minute.

Extruder of Bellicose Veracity This small gun shaped device sprays an oily liquid into the eyes of the subject, giving them True Strike as the spell.

Apparatus of Invidious Aegis This widget, when pressed against the skin, leave a stamp that acts as a Protection from Evil spell.

Calamus Abatement Injector This air needle injects a target with the Feather Fall spell.

Voltaic Dispenser A metal rod with a clockwerk static generator produces Shocking Grasp.

Atomizer of Lubricious Lamanation An atomizer that produces the Grease spell.

Organism Remedial Accelerator Clockwerk caulking gun of Cure Moderate Wounds.

Disposition Invigorator Pronged electrified widget placed briefly in subjects nose or other orifice gives Aid, as the spell.

Atomizer of Perseverance to Compendious Energized Duress This 2" box is covered in dials and levers on 3 sides with a spray nozzle sticking out of one side. With a few clicks and pulls, the device sprays a ectoplasmic coating on the target, producing Resist Energy of the chosen energy type, as the spell.

Widget of Incisive Armaments A one foot long ‘key’ board that has cranks, knobs, and levers instead of keys and plays a mechanical cacophonous clatter that confers Badgers Ferocity while played (concentration)

Heinzelman's Gadgets

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