Knowledge Ancient History- WildSpace

This proficiency requires that the character choose some “ancient period” to specialize in. Fantasy space is a big place, however, and their are few historical events or phase that were widespread enough to be useful. Four specializations are:

Ancient History/Unhuman War (1,000 years Before Present): Beginning with the Battle of Kule and ending with Leafbower’s Armistice, the Elven Imperial Navies atempted to hunt down and exterminate all the goblinoid races. Although they suceeded in destroying many of the powerful goblinoid space fleets, humanoids still threaten many out-of-the-way spheres.

Ancient History/Crusade of the Celestial Mantis (4,000 BP): Led by a religious sect, the People of the Celestial Mantis, the Thri-kreen attempted to conquer the known universe. The Crusade obviously failed, but the Thri-kreen still have a reputation as unpredictable religious fanatics.

Ancient History/Early Space Ages (10,000-5,000 BP): Although few were brave enough to attempt space travel before the development of spelljamming helms, alternate propulsion sources (such as furnaces) allowed limited exploration of the planets. Historical details of this era are almost nonexistant, but some information has been collected on methods and materials. (This version of proficiency will be more useful for identifying old ships and magic than actual events.)

Ancient History/Time of the Zookeepers (Before 10,000 BP): According to some legends, a lost race of “Keepers” travelled the spheres before humans, elves, or even the Arcane. There is no factual evidence of the existance of the (Zoo)Keepers; characters with this version of the proficiency have collected legends and myths of the lost race, not facts.

Knowledge Ancient History- WildSpace

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