Mind's Eye

The Mind‘s Eye came into existence shortly after the Faction War, a combined grouping of both the
Believers of the Source and the Sign of One. Those who gather under the name of the Seekers follow a mixture of their parent factions‘ tenets, choosing to travel the planes in search of challenges, which they believe is the path to a new level of existence. Somewhat self-centered, and every last one filled with an over-inflated sense of self-esteem, the Seekers view the multiverse as their personal playground. This arrogant attitude has unfortunately resulted in a lack of popularity with the average planar, though despite first appearances they are far from the callously detached egomaniacs that some berks would have you believe them to be.

Philosophy: Explore existence; face life‘s challenges; discover yourself and the multiverse.
Nickname: Seekers, Visionaries.
Headquarters: The Outlands.
Majority Races: Half-elves, halflings, humans, shads, tuladhara, zenythris.
Majority Classes: Bards, monks, psions, psychic warriors, sorcerers.
Factol: Ombidias (NG male voadkyn Adp9 Mind‘s Eye)
Prominent Members: Sarazh (LG female tiefling Clr14 (Deneir) Mind‘s Eye), Itheros (LN male
human Wiz7 Mind‘s Eye)
Alignment: Any.
Symbol: A finely crafted sword, with a corona of flames rising from its hilt. Coiled around the blade is a sinuous Chinese-style dragon, its scales a radiant gold, and eyes glowing intently. This combination of the two parent factions‘ symbols represents their union as a new and budding influence across the planes.

If you were to ask any average planar about the powers, they would most likely claim that they are almighty beings, possibly beyond the ken of any mortal, capable of changing the very fabric of existence on a whim. Members of the Mind‘s Eye view things a little differently. As the Seekers see things, the powers are just one rung up the ladder from any other person, those who have come to understand the nature of the multiverse well enough to rise to the next stage of a natural cycle.

The fact is the Mind‘s Eye sees existence as a huge succession of circles, or rings. Every time one of us dies, we are reborn in a new body, and with every life we learn a little bit more about the path to cosmic truth. It may take countless lifetimes for a soul to move on, but given the time and disposition, anyone can pass that final boundary into the next level of existence. The Seekers believe the only way to travel up this ladder is to embrace and attempt as many of the countless challenges and opportunities that life presents you with as possible.

The challenges that one is presented with during each life are countless, coming in almost any form; some are blatantly obvious while others will pass you by without you ever knowing it. To fail a challenge in the conventional sense is not the issue, for even in failure experience, and therefore knowledge, is gained. By the Seeker line of thought there was no failure to begin with; the only true failure is in not proving your worth. While one who truly follows the path of the Seeker will be rewarded with a higher state of existence, those who stray away from it may be shown their error by moving backwards and living their next life as a lemure or any other virtually mindless being.

There is no set path to enlightenment for every faction member; such a path is a very personal one. One of the main challenges for a budding Seeker is to find their own route to the next stage. While one may find their path in the simplicity and primal nature of battle and warfare, another may find it in the intricacies of sculpture or any other art form. For this reason, Seekers believe that others should be helped and encouraged to find and follow their own paths, in the hopes that all can eventually fulfill their potential and arise as new powers.

Because the members of the Mind‘s Eye see existence as one huge challenge, many have come to
consider the planes to exist purely for themselves. Everything that they encounter is there as part of their own personal series of tests, therefore only existing to mold them into their final state of enlightenment, bit by bit. This has led to a reputation of self-centeredness for the faction‘s members, and although this isn‘t strictly true, there is still an obvious level of detachment surrounding most Seekers. This attitude is almost certainly descended from their predecessor, the Sign of One, a faction who by the time of the Faction War had come to view themselves as virtually deities due to their ability to manipulate reality by will alone.

The important issue to remember is that according to the Seekers, all beings have this potential deeply ingrained in their very souls. Even the lowliest maggot has a chance of transcending, no matter how many stages away from such a goal it may appear. Because of this, all beings should be given a certain level of respect, as for all you know they may be on the very threshold of enlightenment. Every being goes through its various lives in a massive cosmic test to prove his value, rising and falling in relation to each life‘s demonstration of worth.

Adapted from the Planescape Campaign Setting on Planewalker.com Pathfinder converison by Loki

Mind's Eye

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