Navigating the Phlogiston

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The Phlogiston is divided into two general areas: areas with no orderly pattern to the movement to the Flo, and “rivers”. The vast majority of the Phlogiston moves randomly, which is almost no help at all when sailing. However between many spheres there are areas where the Phlogiston flows very rapidly, and all in one direction. These “rivers” allow very rapid (and fairly safe) travel between spheres.

Rivers flow either one way, or both ways. Rivers which flow both directions are less common. It is impossible to travel against the current. For example: there is a one way river flowing from Krynnspace to Realmspace. This makes it very easy to travel from Krynnspace to Realmspace, but impossible to travel from Realmspace to Krynnspace.

Travel Time Calculations- Rivers
Traveling in a river does not require that the navigator know Pilot Spelljammer; Pilot Spelljammer does make life much easier though.

In a river the base travel time is 30 days. The minimum travel time is 5 days. There is no possibility of getting lost.

If a Pilot Spelljammer check is made successfully, subtract five days for every point by which the navigator made the check (to the minimum time). If the navigator rolls a 20 then the travel time is reduced to 5 days.The drawback is that if the check fails, then the travel time is increased by five days for every point by which the check failed. A natural 1 results in the travel time increasing to 60 days.

Example: Gillian Starblade must beat a DC of 16 to make her Pilot Spelljammer check. She rolls a 13. Since this is 3 less than what she needed the travel time is increased by 15 days.

Open Phlogiston
Traveling without a river is possible, but slower, and there is the possibility of getting lost. The navigator must have the Pilot Spelljammer skill or else the ship will be totally lost, and probably never make it to any sphere.

The base travel time for open travel is 70 days, minimum travel time is 20 days. It is impossible to get anywhere without a Pilot Spelljammer check.

If the check is successful then, as it is in a river, the travel time is reduced by 5 days for every point by which the check is made. If a 20 is rolled then the travel time is reduced to 20 days.

If the check is unsuccessful then two things happen. The most obvious thing is that the trip takes 5 days longer for every point by which the check fails.

If a 1 is rolled, then the trip takes 130 days. In addition, the ship does not arrive at the destination the captain had in mind. The DM finds an appropriate sphere (i.e.: a sphere near the origin sphere), and the ship is there.

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Navigating the Phlogiston

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