Osirion Traits

An Tomb Treader
Your exposure to the An tradition of masonry has given you an instinctive ability to find your way out of any structure. Once each day you can, if inside a man-made structure, make a Survival check with a DC of 20. If you succeed in this check you retrace your steps and find the entrance you used to get inside.

Eto Haggler
The mercantile ambiance of Eto has made you very shrewd when trying to find, or strike, bargains. You get a +1 trait bonus on Appraise and Bluff checks.

Hetkoshu Wrestler
You are one of the courageous few who dares to tackle river crocodiles with your bare hands; and you have the scars to prove it! You get a +4 trait bonus to grapple checks made while underwater.

Ipeq Reservist
The martial atmosphere of Ipeq has given you a soldier’s instinct for fighting as part of a unit. The first time you strike a creature you get a +1 trait bonus to damage if it has already been damaged by an ally in that round. If your ally also has this trait you deal +2 damage instead.
Shiman-Sehk Scavenger: The abundance of food and water at Shiman-Sehk, and their scarcity elsewhere, has left you with a ferocious drive to avoid the rigors of hunger and thirst. You get a +2 trait bonus on Search and Survival checks made for the purpose of finding or locating food and drink.

Tephu Scholar
The information you gleaned while poring through the historical archives of Tephu sometimes proves useful in other fields too. Once each day, you can, when making a Knowledge check choose to first make a Knowledge (History) check with a DC of 20. You gain a trait bonus on that check equal to amount by which you exceeded the DC of the Knowledge (history) check. You do not suffer a penalty if you fail the check.

Totra Pride
The legacy of oppression suffered by the citizens of Totra makes you very hostile towards anyone who tries to push you around. You get a +2 trait bonus on your next attack roll made against any creature that unsuccessfully targets you with a fear effect. This bonus increases to +4 against creatures who tried, but failed, to intimidate you.

Wati Remedies
After listening to countless tales of the ancient pestilence that devastated Wati you find yourself almost instinctively taking steps to keep yourself, and your friends, free from contracting any sort of illness. Your constant vigilance gives you a +1 trait bonus on Fortitude saving throws against diseases. In addition, you get a +2 trait bonus on any Heal check made to treat a disease

Osirion Traits

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