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The Ship: The Bubbersaint

Name: Heinzelmann Hödekin
Origin: Planar- Clerk’s Ward, Sigil
Race/Class: Kobold (Gold Dragonwrought), Artificer
Faction or Affilliation: Entertainers Guild & Civic Festhall
Heinzelman’s Gadgets | The Journals of Heinzelman

Name: Constance
Origin: Prime- Wildspace Native
Race/Class: Human, Oracle (Time Haunted)
Faction or Affilliation: The Seekers

Name: Katya Volkov
Origin: Planar- Ribcage (Gatetown to Baator)
Race/Class: Tiefling, Witch
Familiar: Omen (Raven)
Faction or Affilliation: None
The Journals of Katya

Name: Annicka Volkova
Origin: Planar, Ribcage (The Outlands)
Race/Class: Tielfing Magus
Faction or Affilliation: The Planewalker’s Guild

Name: Jinsi Que
Origin: Prime – Shou Town, Rock of Bral
Race/Class: Smoke Genasi, Ninja
Faction or Affilliation: Vow of Poverty, Song Ming Monastary

The Departed

Name: Waylond Oswald Carruthers
Origin: Prime- Wildspace Native
Race/Class: Giff (LA1), Fighter (Unbreakable)
Faction or Affilliation: Former Ensign of the Third Giff Greyspace Fleet

The Dead Book

Name: Ly’Khal “Kal” Al’Tiatak
Origin: Planar- Vala’Koth, Elserryn Cluster, Astral
Race/Class: Githyanki (LA1) Inquisitor (Heretic) 2
Faction or Affilliation: Sha’sal Khou
Last Words: “So, through here you say?”
Place of Demise: The Far Realms
Manner of Demise: Dimensional Static

Name: Solon Ruasar
Origin: Prime- Unnamed Sphere, Pharagos
Race/Class: Half Elf, Rogue 2, Magus 1
Faction or Affilliation: Half Breed son of an officer of the Elven Imperial Navy
Last Words: “That’s weird.”
Place of Demise: The Far Realm
Manner of Demise: Dimensional Static
The Journals of Solon

Our Heroes

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