Planes and Realms
- Elserryn Cluster
- Tu’narath – The Githyanki Capital

The Outlands
Sigil The Cage. The City of Doors. Home of The Lady of Pain. The City the Gods may not enter.
- Gatetowns to the aligned Outer Planes

Wildspace – The Spheres.
Phlogiston – The Rainbow Ocean between the Spheres.

The Crystal Spheres of the Prime

Greyspace – Home of Oerth, the World of Greyhawk.
-The Grinder | Ceres

Realmspace – Home of Toril, world of the Forgotten Realms.
-The Tears of Selune | Dragon Rock

Spiralspace – Primarily Elven star system that is home to the The Rock of Bral |
- God’s Marbles | Spiral | Unipaxala*

Refuge – Mercane controlled vacation Sphere and Shipyard only planet is Refuge The Planet.

Greatspace – Human dominated Hellenic culture, unified star system

Malhavocspace Home of Carrigmoore, a domed asteroid city that floats above the smoking remains of it’s former planet. Formerly a planar nexus until a plague scared away most of the crosstrade a few hundred years ago.

Shardspace – The highly advanced cultures of Eberron are to be found here.
- The Twelve Moons of Eberron*


The Dreaming The one plane freely accessible by simply going to sleep!
- Coliseum Morpheuon
- Dal Quor The Region of Nightmares
- Rajrin The Dreaming Asteroid

The Para and Quasi Elemental Planes – the rest of the Inner Planes!

Planar Pathways

The World Serpent Inn – The demiplane tavern that leads everywhere!

The Infinite Staircase – Winding from plane to plane, the Everclimb is barely mapped other than the few landings around the Planewalker’s Guild’s headquarters.

Via Romana – An extremely lawful pathway through The Planes. Hail Caesar!