Psionic Traits

Psionic Knack
You are psionically gifted, your psionic manifester level is considered to be two higher than it is, up to a limit of your hit dice.

Mental Discipline
You have had some basic training in mental control. Autohypnosis is always considered a class skill for you, and you get a +1 trait bonus to your score in the skill.

Vestigial Talent
You have a latent spark of psionic ability. While you don’t count as psionic, if you gain psionic power points you get +1 power point.

+1 Manifester Level on one specific power.

Dream Seared
Some powerful psychic phenomena has damaged your dream circle, and it has since recovered, though in a slightly warped and toughened form. you gain a +1 on all saves against effects that effect your sleeping mind (any spell, power, or ability that requires you to be sleeping).

Lucid Dreaming
You have the ability to recall dreams vividly, and can always recall things you may have done in your sleep.

Psionic Talent
Pick a first level power you know with an ability you can use while psionically focussed. You are always treated as being psionically focussed for this purpose, even if you are not.

Psionic Theory
You gain a +2 bonus to Psicraft checks when analysing psionics.

Surge Protection
Requires Wilder level 1. You are more skilled at using your Wild Surge ability, and take 1 less HP or PP damage whenever you enervate (to a minimum of 1).

Sense Dissonance
Your psionic abilities help you tell if a person is under the psychic control of another, by sensing psionic dissonance around them. You gain a +2 bonus to Sense motive for the “sense enchantment” and “hunch” functions.

Psychic Buffer
You are skilled at repelling mental assaults, and gain a +1 bonus to Will saves against Telepathy powers.

Psionic Item Familiarity
Use Psionic Device is now a class skill for you. If it is already a class skill, you instead gain a +2 bonus when activating Psionic items.

Psionic Monster Familiarity
You’ve either seen or read about a great number of psionic creatures. You gain a +2 bonus to Knowledge (Psionics) checks to know what these creatures are and their abilities.

Easy Refocus
You are more skilled at regaining your Psionic Focus. You gain a +2 bonus to Autohypnosis checks to refocus yourself.

Resist Dampening
Your powers and other psychic abilities are not easily dampened. You gain a +1 bonus to manifester level to bypass power resistance. If you can create a Mind Blade, you gain a +2 bonus to create it while inside a Null Psionics field.

Fight Through the Pain
You can force yourself to keep going despite certain injuries. You gain a +2 bonus to Autohypnosis in order to resist Caltrop wounds, stabilize yourself, or resist the secondary effect of poisons.

Beguiling Nature
Your telepathic abilities are even more entrancing than normal. You gain a +1 bonus to all charisma-based checks against creatures affected by one of your Telepathy powers.

Your Fire-based powers give your enemies a “hot-foot”. Any creature that takes damage from a fire-based power you manifest takes 1 point of fire damage on their next turn.

Psychokinetic Talent
If you have the ability to gain psionic focus, you can expend it to manifest far hand as a psi-like ability for one round, as a swift action. If you have psionic power points, you may expend one to extend the duration of this psi-like ability by one round.

Psychoenergetic Talent
If you have the ability to maintain psionic focus, then you can create a small amount of energy (sonic, fire, electrical or cold) within ten feet of you, as a standard action once per round. This energy is treated as an energy ray and can inflict 1d3 points of damage. You have to choose the energy type of this psi-like ability when you take this talent.

Clairsentient Talent
If you have psionic focus you can expend it in order to manifest the ability to detect psionics for one round. If you have psionic power points you can expend one to extend the duration by one round of this psi-like ability.

Metacreative Talent
While you maintain psionic focus you can manifest small shards of crystal as a swift action that last for one round. These can be used as shuriken if you use them immediately. You are proficient in their use.

Psychoportive Talent
if you have the ability to gain psionic focus, you can expend it as an immediate action to make a five-foot step. You may do this even if you have already moved in the round in question, and doing so does not prevent further movement in this round.

Focused Training
As long as you are psionically focused, you gain a +1 Trait bonus on attack rolls with a type of weapon of your choice.

Crystal Friendly
all Cognizance Crystals you use are considered to have 1 more PP than they actually have.

Crystal Warrior
Whenever you charge a Deep Crystal weapon with psionic energy, it deals an extra 1 point of damage.

Perceptive Talent
While maintaining psionic focus you are more aware on a subliminal level of the thoughts and intentions of those around you. You gain a +1 bonus on initiative and on Perception checks while you are psionically focussed.

Telepathic Talent
If you can gain psionic focus, you can expend it to send a message to a person you can see – when you expend your psionic focus you gain the use of missive for one round, sending a message of six words or less to a person within twenty feet of you. You can extend this to two rounds by expending one psionic power point on this psi-like ability.

Inner Peace
Knowledge (Religion) & Knowledge (Psionics) gain a +1; One of them becomes a class skill.

Psionic Lineage
Pick one power when you pick this trait. Metapsionic feats applied to that power cost 1 pp less.

Psionic Traits

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