Revolutionary League

The Revolutionary League stands for the reversal of the present order. Operating in utmost secrecy, they strike out against their enemies from the darkest shadows. Ask a group of Anarchists what their ultimate goal is, and you‘ll get a different answer each time. Truth is, the Revolutionary League has never been known for unity or cohesion. The members are so paranoid they don‘t even trust each other, much less agree on a common objective. What they can all agree on, though, is that no one should be telling anyone else what to do. Exiles, runaways, and misfits all find a home of sorts with the Anarchists, and a dream of a better tomorrow where all folks‘re free to make their own way, and face up to the darks of the multiverse by themselves.

Philosophy: The truth can only be found once the chains of the social order are removed.
Headquarters: Carceri.
Nickname: Anarchists.
Majority Races: Chaonds, githzerai, half-elves, humans, tieflings.
Majority Classes: Fighters, rogues, sorcerers.
Factol: None.
Prominent Members: Hazrag the Shifty (NE male human Rog14 Revolutionary League), Little Miss
Tempest (CG female gnome Ftr11/Rog6 Revolutionary League), Baltazar Clearview (CN male tiefling
Brd15 Revolutionary League (Committee of the People))
Alignment: Any non-lawful.
Symbol: The conjunction of two curving, bladed golden designs.

Order is slavery. No one should be able to tell another what to do, not the city officials, not the judges, not the rulers, not even the powers. See, an authoritarian god‘s just one more taskmaster on aguy‘s back, keeping him down. The Anarchists fight to tear down all repressive structures, from the lowest toady to the highest of the high-ups. Several ways exist to accomplish this goal, and the League ain‘t shy about using just about any of ‘em. From propaganda to sabotage, infiltration to assassination, the invisible army of the Revolutionary League fights its war with any weapon it can get its hands on. If they can just uproot all of this decaying system, then the people will finally be able to find the truth. Why is that, you ask?

The planes, as any planar will tell you, operate on belief. If someone can tumble to the dark of what makes them tick, then the planes truly open up for them. But that‘s easier said than done, and there simply ain‘t no chance of doing that with things the way they are. A body has to be able to make their own choices, for good or bad, to get anywhere. But no one‘s going to let them do that. The folks in power, well, they want to keep it that way. They like sitting on top of the heap, and they won‘t let anyone topple them without a fight. Most poor fools don‘t know any better, and swallow any lie they‘re told, and ask for seconds. But if all you believe is what someone else tells you, you‘re never going to find the truth. The Anarchists are there to help you shake off those chains, whether you like it or not. It‘s for your own good.

The Revolutionary League is open to all alike, regardless of race, profession, or background. Well, as long as you aren‘t lawful in alignment, that is. While some would say that the exclusion of folks with a lawful bent makes the Anarchists just as reactionary as their enemies, fact is, lawful types don‘t have the thirst for upheaval that a true Revolutionary does. Anyone else who wants to can join up, if they can find their way in. The best way to contact this secret society is to make yourself visible (but not too visible). Let your dissatisfaction with the way things are be known in quiet conversation with enough people, and sooner or later, someone‘ll come calling. Because of the League‘s welcoming nature, it‘s provided fellowship (structure even, paradoxically enough) to any number of bashers who never would have found it otherwise.

Some wonder if the Revolutionary League ever qualified as a faction, and why the Lady of Pain would let them exist. Well, for starters, trying to figure out what the Lady‘s up to will drive you mad, and if you ain‘t quiet about it, it‘ll drive you into the dead-book or the Mazes. If the Lady kept ‘em around, she must have had a good reason. Some of the more introspective Anarchists or their analysts figure it was because the Anarchists provided a place for those who didn‘t have any other place to be. Even if most Anarchists listed the Lady as one of their eventual targets, what did she have to be afraid of, anyway? In fact, a few think that the real reason the Lady hasn‘t flayed them all is ‘cause she knows they‘re right. So, she lets them go on, skulking and planning with the occasional upheaval. It‘s all for the greater good, and it‘s not harming her rule none. As for whether or not they were a faction, the Lady proclaimed fifteen factions back in the days of Great Upheaval. So even if groups like the Indeps and the Anarchists chafed at the definition, they fit it better than any other comers. And even if they operated without factols, they were still mighty big movers in the Cage.

But for all that, there‘s no real unifying philosophy at work in the League. Everyone‘s working towards this perfect society, but no one‘s agreeing on just what that society is. The League could‘ve become a cozy little group of old men, sitting in their comfy armchairs and rattling their mouths about this, that, and the other. But the Anarchists don‘t have time to worry about the future; what matters is right now. The Anarchists believe in action, thinking the rest will take care of itself. Otherwise, nothing would get done. The one thing the Anarchists can all agree on is that things need to change.

Adapted from the Planescape Campaign Setting on Pathfinder converison by Loki

Revolutionary League

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