The Ring-Givers are a small but growing faction from Ysgard. Completely opposite in ideals from the Fated, the Ring-Givers believe that everything that is given up will come back to them. Thus, whoever can give up everything and convince the multiverse to do likewise will reap the greatest reward in true accordance of the Unity of Rings. To the Ring-Giver, possessions are a form of limitation, and freedom from desire equates to complete power over oneself and eventually the multiverse. Ring-Givers live only on the charity of others, and they thrive in doing so. In a place as cold and uncaring as the multiverse, that is an accomplishment indeed.

Philosophy: You only get as good as you give.
Nicknames: Bargainers, Beggars.
Headquarters: Palace of the Jester in Sigil.
Majority Races: Bariaurs, half-elves, humans, tieflings.
Majority Classes: Any.
Factol: Jeremo the Natterer (CN male human Ftr6/Rog12 Ring-Givers)
Prominent Members: Borghild Walsing (CG female human Sor9 Ring-Givers), Grim Arneger (CN male
human Ftr7/Rog5 Ring-Givers), Ingwe Alting (CG male human Ill14 Ring-Givers), Ragin Ravensson (NG
male human Rgr12 Ring-Givers), Voltraagh (CE glabrezu Brd4 Ring-Givers)
Alignment: Any, with chaotic and good tendencies.
Symbol: Outstretched hand with a ring in its palm

Freedom is the true path to power. The acquisition of material possessions dulls a person‘s true
potential. The responsibilities of business and property distract from a person‘s true purpose. When you have nothing, then you truly have everything.

Ring-Givers covet neither money nor possessions, and rarely do they wield overt power. They keep
themselves free of debts while living day to day on the charity of others. When given an object, a RingGiver uses it as the need arises, then passes it on to another more in need. Rarely does a Ring-Giver keep more than the bare essentials.

Such a lifestyle would seem self-defeating, especially on such an independent plane as Ysgard, where charity is considered an insult. What distinguishes a Ring-Giver from any common beggar in any city on any plane is a sense of integrity and self-worth that remains in balance. Ring-Givers don‘t expect a free ride; they gladly work for what they need, and they lend aid without complaint. ―The gods help them who help themselves, is a favorite saying, and the most unlikely of creatures have given aid in the most unlikely of situations. Stories of such fortune have helped their philosophy spread slowly throughout the planes.

Of all the factions, the Ring-Givers‘ philosophy has possibly been subject to the most interpretations. People tend to embrace the core of the Ring-Givers‘ ethos – give and others will give to you – and alter it to fit their individual perspectives. The Ysgardian Ring-Givers philosophy remains the best-known interpretation: people in a community contribute as much as they can while keeping track of those who owe them something in return. A wainwright mends a farmer‘s wagon wheel, knowing the farmer will bring him a bushel or two of apples when the crop is ripe. A woman cleans her neighbor‘s house when there‘s a new arrival, as the neighbor did the same the previous year. When a stranger comes to town, a family feeds him and gives him a bed for the night; if the stranger doesn‘t pitch in and help around the house the next day, the family knows they‘ll be paid back all the more. Such folk hold on to the favors owed as if they were the purest platinum, trusting their charity will be returned in kind eventually. And they‘re usually right.

Limbo and Pandemonium see a fair number of Ring-Givers as well, as it‘s easier to give up everything when you don‘t have anything to begin with. While this makes those planes a bit more hospitable, RingGivers in those regions are more likely to make a quick shift of perspective when it doesn‘t look like they‘ll be making something for their help.

On the fields of Elysium and across regions of the Upper Planes, the Ring-Givers‘ philosophy is less selfmotivated and more altruistic in nature. Believing that it is a moral obligation to give one‘s all to those around them, these Ring-Givers act to better the community as a whole. In their eyes this is the only path to the greatest benefits for everyone, and by living by example they slowly convert the multiverse to follow their lead. Not everyone may do so for the same reasons, but the very act of giving is enough.

Abyssal Ring-Givers have the most twisted interpretation – everyone owes them something, for one
reason or another. A Bargainer on the Plane of Infinite Portals might admire a fighter‘s sword,
suggesting that it would help him keep his silence if questioned about the fighter‘s whereabouts. A quasit might solicit individual gifts from party members, implying it would ―forget‖ the adventurer was with the others if the price is right. Even a marilith might accept a person‘s belongings in exchange for not killing them. Hardly any different from regular extortion, the Abyssal Ring-Givers consider such gifts payment for a debt inherently owed, and that their ―gifts‖ of inaction can be just as valuable as active assistance.

Adapted from the Planescape Campaign Setting on Planewalker.com Pathfinder converison by Loki


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