Sandstone District

For all the order and cleanliness imposed by law upon the Clerk’s Ward, a blood wouldn’t commonly suspect that in the midst of it all, tucked away in all the order would be a community composed almost entirely of tieflings; and a respectable community at that. The Sandstone District is located between Crystal Dew lane, Founder’s Fence, and the edges of the Slags as they abut near the Clerk’s Ward. The name of the district is derived from the red sandstone paving stones used to line the streets of the district. The tieflings, many of them sick of their reputations, have holed up here among themselves and largely ignore the rest of the ward. Otherwise, the district largely resembles the Workers District in atmosphere and living conditions, if largely differing in the faces on the street.

Hall of Records – What existed once as a private university within Sigil known as Bigby’s College of Academic Arts and was subsequently repossessed by the Fated, now exists as only a pile of rubble atop the cluster of hills it once occupied before the Faction War. Shortly after the war ended and the Fated fled Sigil for their old faction headquarters upon Ysgard, the building and all the vast number of public records, including debt notices, were ransacked by the curious, the greedy, and those seeking to erase their very existence in the records of thepurse pickers of Sigil. Nothing remained sacrosanct, and from the vaults of records to the very furniture, the entire building was looted clean.

Years of tunneling beneath the buildings to build secret vaults in which to store the supposedly public records, as well as ex-Factol Rowan Darkwood’s reams of research into Sigil’s past history, left the ground under the entire complex weakened and under the constant threat of collapse. Faced with the danger to the surrounding blocks in the ward, the entire edifice was picked clean of any remaining records or usable goods, and the building was torn to the ground and many of the tunnels purposefully collapsed. Undisclosed parties have since purchased the site, and to date it has yet to be developed, remaining a jumble of brick and marble surrounded by the wooded campus that originally surrounded the Hall. Despite the demolition of the Hall of Records, the five other largest and most important buildings on the old faction grounds still exist. The Halls of Property Records and Census Records, the Faction Dormitory, Faction Hall, and the Rowan Academy of Training yet stand on the grounds, though each was ransacked in turn just like the Hall of Records.

Though presently unoccupied aside from squatters, the campus sits within its walled confines at the intersections of Scholar Row and Crystal Dew Lane in the eastern ends of the Clerk’s Ward near to the Sandstone District on one side and the Administrators District on the other.

Sandstone District

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