Sha'sal Khou

The Sha’sal Khou are githyanki and githzerai radicals working toward the reunification of their respective peoples. They labor to end the warfare between the githyanki and githzerai and create a unified nation of gith. Members of the Sha’sal Khou work secretly within their respective societies, subtly discouraging attacks on the other gith race while carefully recruiting like-minded individuals. They maintain secret redoubts on the Material Plane as well.

The Sha’sal Khou hope to raise a proper army and establish a fortified enclave where their children will grow up calling themselves simply “gith.” Their greatest ally is a powerful githyanki warlord named Zetch’r’r. He secretly supports the reunification of the githyanki and githzerai, but more importantly, he has the charisma and influence to lead the Sha’sal Khou and turn others toward their cause.

Zetch’r’r maintains a stronghold in Tu’narath, where he shelters other Sha’sal Khou members and plots against the lich-queen. He fears Vlaakith has created the duthka’giths in a mad attempt to “perfect” the githyanki race.

Zetch’r’r believes that a unified gith nation under his august leadership will restore his people’s failing resolve. Only under his rule can Gith’s legacy of conquest continue. The warlord’s staunch opposition to Vlaakith worries other members of the Sha’sal Khou, who fear that the lich-queen might discover them and send her inquisitors—the Ch’r’ai—to capture and interrogate Zetch’r’r and his lieutenants.

Sha'sal Khou

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