The Sodkillers are of a mind that any dilemma can be resolved with force. Might makes right. And since they see themselves as being mighty, they see themselves as being right. The more cynical of the Mercykillers (or simply the meaner ones) who didn‘t think that the Sons of Mercy‘s way would work decided if Arwyl Swan‘s Son was going to revive an old faction, so were they. This time they wouldn‘t make the mistake of sharing the reins of power with anyone, much less annoying idealistic do-gooders like the Sons of Mercy. Now they hire themselves out as mercenaries, proving their philosophy works. They‘ve already cemented themselves in Sigil behind the cover of the Minder‘s Guild, biding their time until the factions regain their status. When that time comes, they‘ll seize their goals with all of their might until they have everything they want in their grasp.

Philosophy: Might makes right.
Nicknames: Brutes, Sellswords.
Headquarters: Vorkehan in Acheron. The Tower of the Wyrm in Sigil.
Majority Races: Bladelings, githyanki, half-orcs, humans, khaasta, tieflings.
Favored Classes: Fighters, monks, rangers.
Factol: Nijul P‘iuy (LN female aasimar Rng10/Justiciar5 Sodkillers)
Prominent Members: Grubby Garrin (LN male half-orc Mnk10), Tall Tally (LE male osyluth),
Nagaro (LE female human Ftr7/ex-Pal7), Coirosis (LE female rust dragon)
Alignment: Any non-good, non-chaotic.
Symbol: A rust-red colored fist on a blood-red-colored disc, surrounded by a border of green serpents.

Might makes right, that about sums up the Sodkillers‘ beliefs. If there‘s something you want, take it by force. If there‘s someone bothering you, bash them about a bit. If you don‘t like someone‘s smile, why tell them about it when you can just punch them in the face? If a body keeps smiling after that, maybe he has a good reason, or a physical defect.

Not everyone is quite that violent, and most aren‘t that indiscriminate in where they aim their force. Fact is, while a lot of the criminals released from the prison during the Faction War are now members, there are even more members that just want to see people get punished for doing what they personally believe is the wrong thing. A lot of ex-Mercykillers who see the Sons of Mercy as softies join up just because they want to continue Mercykiller beliefs as they saw them. Sodkillers, more often than not, are neutral, not evil. And they don‘t (for the most part) just go around bashing everyone they see for some perceived slight. That‘s too chaotic for these champions of justice. Even the evil ones still see themselves as upholding the justice they held as their ideal before the Faction War. And the criminals have joined because they were won over by Mercykiller beliefs while in the prison (mostly anyway).

Nonetheless, good folk won‘t find much of a place in this organization, as they are essentially a
freelance mercenary group. When they get a contract from a higher-up, they do it, because the higherup wouldn‘t have accepted it if it wasn‘t just in his eyes. The Sons of Mercy‘s dedication to good seems perverted and twisted to a lot of Sodkillers. They don‘t see themselves as evil, only dedicated to ―real justice which shouldn‘t be clouded by either good or evil. Of course, with the fact that the good exMercykillers all went over to the Sons of Mercy, the Sodkillers are becoming more and more a faction of personal justice instead of real justice.

However, conformity is a fundamental faction principle, and the new Sodkiller factol (a former
Justiciar) is trying to eradicate all traces of personal bias in the translation of Truth, Law and Justice. Chances are, she‘ll be highly successful. The Sodkillers are accepting of anyone who is willing to raise a weapon for justice, assuming they don‘t pause and whine at every individual case like the Sons of Mercy. Mercy is for the weak, and as everyone knows, Sodkillers are all about strength. The faction‘s message is popular and gaining a lot of power for three reasons. One, it‘s simple. You don‘t have to wrap your head around believing in nothing, or not believing in anything (which is somehow different than believing in nothing) or believing in Law or Chaos or Good or Evil. You just have to believe that there is justice, and that you will mete out that justice where you see it needed. Two, with the sudden vacuum left two years ago by the departure of the Harmonium and the Guvners, people realized theycould police themselves. And what better way to do that than to join up with people who only want what‘s best for justice? Three, the Sodkillers are effective at what they do through the Minder‘s Guild, and have been since day one. Everyone can see that. The Sons of Mercy, on the other hand, are only just starting to get on their feet. While both represent justice, only one seems to work with any level of efficiency. Simple, just, and effective. No preaching – results people can see and solid pay all attract more people than the Sodkillers need. And all they had to do was flex a little muscle. Proof of their philosophy in action. Might makes right, say the Sodkillers, and it seems that there is little argument.

Adapted from the Planescape Campaign Setting on Pathfinder converison by Loki


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