The Pathfinder Chronicles of The Seekers

Circulated within the ranks of The Seekers these slim volumes reprint reports on significant finds as often as unsolved mysteries. While it is usually frowned upon for Seekers of lower than second order to have them the fact is that they often turn up in treasure hoards.

Numerous volumes and editions of the Pathfinder Chronicles exist. When used as a reference (an action that typically takes 1d4 full rounds of searching the text), a Pathfinder Chronicle grants a +2 circumstance bonus on a specific Knowledge check. Each Pathfinder Chronicle grants this bonus to a different type of Knowledge, but regardless of which type that particular chronicle is focused on, the overall cost of the book remains the same – roughly 50 gp.

Currently the party has the following volumes:

  • A Survery of The Grinder by Baleron Silvertongue (Knowledge: The Grinder)
  • The Library of The Juna by Kaolin Moly Mu (Knowledge Ancient History Wildspace)
  • Chasing The Spelljammer by Violetta Lucette D’arc (Knowledge The Seplljammer)
  • Fiat Lux: The Rekindling of Darkspace’s Sun by Capt. Dartalon Rix (Knowledge Darkspace)
  • An Illustrated Tour of the Outer Planes by Landrake Kearyndel (Knowledge The Planes)
  • The Harrowing Reclaimed by Lenata of Celestian (Knowledge The Harrowing)
  • Ancient Penumbra by Shintak Taj Pach (Knowledge Illithids)
  • The Story of Gith by Violetta Lucette D’Arc (Knowledge People of Gith)
  • The Footsteps of Dugkash by Kaolin Moly Mu and Tavist Aller Sinache (Knowledge Scro)
  • The Threat of The Illithid Overmind by Theridon (Knowledge Dimensions)
  • Researching Erotica by Casimir Syzygy (Knowledge Sex)
  • Bridging the Divine and the Arcane by Landrake Kearyndel (Knowledge Arcana)
  • Fundamental Physiological Variances in Fiend Touched Human Bloodlines by Shintak Taj Pach (Knowledge Planetouched)
  • The Mind Flayers of Thoon by Hissarmau of the Ta’anmrow (Knowledge Far Realm)
  • Seeking Athas by Hissarmau of the Ta’anmrow and Violetta Lucette D’Arc (Knowledge Dark Sun)
  • Finding the Blade Within by Oswald Lethbridge Smythe Carruthers (Knowledge Psionics)
  • Sub Etheric Interference Patterns in Breakfast Resonance Fields Create Planar Crossrip or Planar Travel in a Hail of Eggs by Acme Ronco K’tel (Knowledge The Planes)

The Pathfinder Chronicles of The Seekers

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