Thinblood Sorceror

[Sorcerer Archetype]

The strength of a sorcerous bloodline does not necessarily run true and, often, a particular line of descendants may find it increasingly difficult to sire a true sorcerer. In societies where magical prowess indicates a sign of prestige, these so-called thinblood families have developed rituals, which often rely on the imbibing of drugs or other alchemical substances to enhance the spellcasting ability of any family member that shows even the smallest sign of magical power.

Addict: A thinblood has lantent magical power, but cannot access this power without chemical intervention. Each thinblood family perfects a drug, which enables its members to access their power. A drug will only enhance the spellcasting of an individual belonging to the family that created the drug. At 1st level, a thinblood sorcerer chooses the drug’s type (ingested, inhaled or injury) and damage (1d2 points of attribute damage to any non-Charisma attribute). Once this choice has been made, it cannot change. Regardless, of the choice, all of these spellcasting enhancement drugs share the following properties:

Type: As chosen above.
Addiction: minor, Fortitude 12
Price: 10 gp
Effect: 4 hours; +2 alchemical bonus to Charisma. This effect only works for members of the thinblood family that created the drug.
Damage: As chosen above.

A thinblood can cast spells and use the supernatural and spell-like abilities provided by her bloodline normally while benefiting from the effect of the drug or suffering from damage caused by the drug. A thinblood loses access to her supernatural and spell-like bloodline abilities and may only cast cantrips when not benefiting from the effect of the drug or suffering from damage caused by the drug A thinblood sorcerer may create her own supply of the drug, which has a Craft (alchemy) DC of 12. This ability replaces Eschew Materials.

By Jerall

Thinblood Sorceror

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