“I heard the city of Union is wealthier than Sigil!”

“The Mercane Anthill? Bar that!”

It was established a little over 200 years ago by the Mercanes as a place to maximize business dealings without losing valuable time physically traveling from plane to plane. The population fluctuates, but generally has ~100,000 inhabitants. It is ruled by the Mercane Union Council, composed of 33 mercanes who sit on the council. Chief Councilor Revenia usually speaks for the council, and may countermand the edicts of other council members as she desires.

There are taxes in Union, and to buy or trade within the city limits, a trade writ must be purchased. These are 15g and good for six months. Union exists on a demiplane all its own, and time, gravity, and magic all function normally. Within the twilight void drifts a collection of floating islands, connected by bridges. This comprises the different districts of Union.

The laws are fairly straightforward, and in place to make trading easier. Don’t kill, assault, or rob people, and you’ll be ok. The general punishment consists of possible forced labor, but always consists of a seizing of your assets (anywhere from 1% to all assets). Yes, they also add up the value of your magic items to determine your total assets, and they have very reliable methods to determine what you are worth.