The Xaositects embody chaos, or at least try to. They are difficult to define, since they spend much of their time working to be undefinable. That‘s all there is to it. If you want to know more, have you considered Sopworth’s delicious soup? Doors usually only open one way; it’s too much trouble otherwise. The ointment is best put directly under the skin, but who wants to do that? Blackened tanar’ri smells awful, believe me. If only there were a way to keep a pen magically wet all the time… use the speed factor and damage appropriate to the grip. You don’t like Bytopia? Don’t go to Elysium, then! Well, I can if I want, and make it so. Inquiries regarding rules should be accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope and sent to Tactical Studies Rules, POB 756, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, 53147. Grick and drangle, bloeth the preen. Ful and toothbeck, it sans the yrene.

Philosophy: There is no pattern to the multiverse, no meaning. Its true state is chaos.
Nickname: Chaosmen.
Headquarters: Limbo.
Majority Races: Chaonds, githzerai, humans.
Majority Classes: Bards, fighters, rogues.
Factol: None
Prominent Members (at the Moment): Mordigaarz (CN male human Ftr6 Xaositects), The Painter (CG
female tiefling Brd3 Xaositects), Quake Lavender (CN female half-elf Wiz10 Xaoistects)
Alignment: Any chaotic.
Symbol: The horned, crimson face of a gargoyle-like fiend on a black backdrop.

The multiverse wasn‘t just born from chaos; it is chaos. There‘s no order to the multiverse, no rules that define its existence. The only order that exists is that which we try to impose on it, and as soon as we stop the multiverse will return to chaos. And if chaos is the true state of the multiverse, why fight it when you can just accept it, become one with its beauty and energy?

So goes the philosophy of the Xaositects (kay – Oh – si – tekts), and it sounds simple enough. But it‘s much harder to truly live, and embody, a force with no true direction or reason. Even the hearts of nominally chaotic beings like bariaur and chaond have natural processes and organs that beat and function to a particular rhythm, and truly coming to champion chaos as a force can be as difficult – and dangerous – as training one‘s heart to beat out of sync. Even slaadi have a hierarchy and path of progress. Few beings can really be said to fully embody chaos. Some mindless creatures like the chaos beast and the teratomorph come close physically, but even they have limitations and patterns they abide by. Xaositects aspire as best they can to embody chaos mentally, if not necessarily physically.

To many they come across as insane or idiotic, but they aspire to neither. The mad are often more
lawful than one might expect, limited more keenly by their own delusions or neuroses than any sane person. Nor do they desire to abandon thought, rather they desire to abandon reason and patterns, to act in an entirely unpredictable fashion, and by doing so, seed chaos throughout the multiverse.Of course, chaos should exist outside of moral structures. Good and evil are irrelevant before its glory. Does a storm care whom it rains lightning down on? Chaos is random, and randomness is arbitrary. Often the only people Xaositects are partial to are other Xaositects, and even that’s a bit questionable. However, individual Xaositects often impose their own moral strictures on chaos. Good-minded Xaositects tend to desire the implementation of positive change and development… they tend to stir the pot where they see corruption and stagnation, hoping their actions will serve as a wake-up call and impetus for change on the part of the wicked and lazy. More evil Chaosmen tend to see chaos as a tool to be used for their own benefit, a method for self-gain and a weapon to be used against their enemies.

Naturally, there‘s no real codified path to follow; that‘d defeat the point. Some go to Limbo to try and learn what they can there. Others follow some of the more charismatic Xaositects for periods of time. A few try and take up different roles or missions each day. The one thing that can be said, though, is that each follows their own way. Sometimes that’s somebody else’s way, but that’s chaos for you.Though often Xaositects seem silly, it should be noted that humor is rarely their intent. If at times they come across as laughable and nonsensical, this is a byproduct of their chaotic actions. Often things that might be considered humorous initially might be dragged out long past being funny, or become things that are rarely considered amusing (especially when folks start losing eyes). Still, as some bards will admit, there is a certain artistic bent the chaotic mindset lends itself to. Some of the greatest and worst artists Sigil has seen have been part of the Xaositect philosophy.

Adapted from the Planescape Campaign Setting on Planewalker.com Pathfinder converison by Loki


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