Planejammer: Ad Astra Per Arcana

Heinzelmann's Journal - Entry Eight

Grey Hawk Captains Log: Entry Eight, Captain Heinzelmann Hödekin

I believe our first order of business should be to find the chant on some backsphere kobold tribes. Uncle Urdrich will say i am addle-coved if i did not at least try and “spread a little Gold!” as he says. And we could use a crew, especially a gad of cony primer apple chasing kobolds that would treat me as a high up blood. Uncle Urdrich said he once came upon a bally gad of prime reds, who thought he was Kurtulmak himself. He said he did not stop until every female in the tribe oiled his belly, and then did it again! Peeled all the jink from their milk bags too!
Chanting of jink, i am a spiv now that i’m a Captain, so been making the rough to sell, basic clockwerk timers, toys, and props. There really is a lot of wasted time on these jammers, i could use a few mates to ease my ride. Katya is blood, but the rest of my crew are bubbed till the pitchers empty! Their bub-bawling fills the Grey Hawk with so much barkle and barrikin a kobold could’nt mine salt!
We want to catch a skeg at what that cross trading cony catcher asked us to ride for, see if its a load of jink or tief. I am not expecting much, since my crew got NOTHING to secure a deal.. Next time i will do the chanting. And we rig to sell whatever milk we get to the highest bidder! No one going to shed that we don’t got worms in our brain box and take us for berks!


DungeonMasterLoki cormac

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